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"As a heads up, I intend to create this event so that Heroes, Humans and villains alike can as they please. If you find yourself having an ability and find a way to use "muh power" so you can quickly end and possibly one shot this event, I ask you do not join. If you do join and try to do the aforementioned things I asked you not to do, your comment will be removed/voided and for the duration of the event. Thank you."
*Crime Case Number 1!

【Location】Somewhere in City A
【Weather】 Clear Skies
【Expecting】Open to All
"Dude! I'm totally stoked about later tonight! My girlfriend bought this new thing and it's gonna make our sex life soooo much better!"

"Dude! Can I get a round with your girlfriend?!"

"Shit fuck no bruh!"_

•The two stoners were enjoying their night out in the dark streets of City A, unaware that they were being followed and stalked. The two friends laughed and joked about as they wasted away their rolled up joint and let the smoke fly through the air.•

•As they laughed and joked about, The Crimson Mistress had made her debut scene, appearing before them as a young, innocent woman who was looking for a way out of her piss-poor sorry state. She pretended to act lost as the two approached her and hit on her.•

"Yo babe, you lookin' lost. Why don't I take you to the nearest police station?"

•Asked one of the men. Camelia nodded as she slowly nudged her way in between them and smiled. Little did they know, she was guiding them to an alley way. One of the friends had pulled over their other friend to a vending machine in which they decided they would pop in a quarter to get a few condoms for the night.•

•Just before he was capable of sliding the quarter fully in, his hand was completely lopped off. Blood splattered all over the machine and on to the ground. They both were in disbelief and figured they were just imagining..until the pain finally set in•

"Ah! Fuck! Jesus! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! My fucking hand!"

•The other man quickly turned around to try and escape, but found himself impaled by a large, crimson, blade-like tendril that extended from the depths of the darkness. Camelia had created this Tendril made out of blood as she licked her lips slowly. The man whom was impaled was spurting out blood from his mouth as he was slowly carried over to her. Parting her luscious, pink lips to illuminate the elongated, sharp fangs, Camelia punctured the jugular veins of the man and began to suck him dry of his blood•

•The other man was in pain and shock as he got up once he grabbed his hand and quickly rushed towards the way they entered the alley. It was all to bitter sweet, as he reached the entrance of the alley, only to be impaled as well, but this time in his Achilles heel. He was inevitable drawn back and screeched out in pain. But no one was around to help him. Agonizing screams and terror filled yelps exited the alley way until silence befell them. One man was dead, but the other..? The other she let live..with a little added twist of her own. She gave him some of her blood to heal his wounds and stop the blood from spilling out of his hand..but as a result, he was now a mindless drone..ready to detonate a any given moment.•

•The night passed and morning soon fell. Camelia was no where to be found but the two people whom were her victims could be found in that alley way, blood splattered all along the pavement and walls as the living man was in a state of a mental shut down, and became unresponsive.•
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National Superhero Registry Exam!

+Smol Iι
+Shiro Yamada
+Oz Koara (Fuck These Names that don't work)
+Red Blood
+帝Lɪᴢ (DAMNIT)
+Dman (Christ Omighty)
+Others that forgot to register

Watching as everything gets set up, Raian looked over some of the submissions that are coming to the exams. But knowing the amount of people trying to be heroes, they're going to be more. The doors open for everyone to walk in, and to get ready for the tests

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Crime Case Number 2!

【Location】City A
【Time】 Midnight
【Weather】Starry Skies
【Expecting】Open to Heroes and Villains
•And thus she strikes again. Albeit this time in a different part of City A. Instead of playing the helpless act, Camelia decided to take the offensive approach, but first she lured a vast majority of people into a large building under the false pretenses that there was some type of party going on. And in truth, there was. A white Party turned red. As the last of the guests finally arrived, the doors close shut behind them and locked and so did the Windows. Camelia slowly came upon the stage, dressed in red. People were staring, baffled that she entered the premises without the appropriate dresscode.•

•A man tried to speak out and protest against her for wearing a crimson colored, off the shoulder dress. But just as quickly a he spoke out, he was just as quickly disposed of. Blades made of hardened and sharpened blood stabbed and pierced all through his body, staining his white suit with red and those around him became stained and shrieked in terror. Camelia began to sing with such an opera-like voice as the lights dimmed. As people kept rushing and pushing against the barred windows and doors, the man she had most recently killed was resurrected to be her mindless drone.•

•The man who was resurrected had killed a woman by stabbing his hand straight through her heart, causing her to also die..only to be resurrected via Camelia. Half the crowd was disposed of and became mindless drones for Camelia, bu she decided play time was over. The blood that loitered all over the ground quickly shot upwards and began to lift all the people up and string them in the sky, similar to a Spider's Web.•

•The blood formed threads that attached and strung from surfaces and held the guests in place. All the while, the blood on the ground was manipulated by Camelia herself to form the symbols for "Crimson Mistress" or C.M for short. As she walked out of the building that was basically a slaughter house, the blood that was like a Spider's Webb that held the people within it changed it's property.•

•They felt like they were burning as the blood contacted them, causing them to become severely burned and charred as the morning came. Camelia, once more, left the crime scene that she committed. She left a tip for the Police when she got far enough way, and in turn they came to the building..only to call the Hero Association and explain to them the mass murder that happened. Over Two hundred and Fifty Individuals were slaughtered. No survivors.•
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[] The Loneliness is what makes you! []
[Loneliness does not make you weak!]

[Location:] A area in City A.
[Time:] Around early morning.
[Weather:] Slight breeze with sun beaming through the clouds.
[Participants:] Open RP

In the streets of City A, a young male would be walking about with mainly red and black on, and around his neck/mouth would be a scarf that covered his mouth too and showed a skull upon it. Most people wondered what it meant while others thought it was nothing of importance as he kept walking by. This boy would be carrying a umbrella around as he twirled it around in a rapid motion. The wind would be blowing pass him as his hair danced in a swift motion as he did not make a peep. Each step he took would be silent making it hard to detect him as he walked about. He showed no sign of emotion in his face as if he was lifeless and did not care for life anymore. As he walked through City A he would seem to be looking for something or just roaming. He would not be lost in thought for his senses would be sharp and there was a reason for that but most people wouldn't know of because he didn't get close enough for people to know about him or his past. He figured if he stayed to himself it would be easier for him to live and die in peace without having to worry about losing anyone or feeling pain when a "friend" gets injured or dies. He also kept to himself so he wouldn't have to worry about his enemies using his friends, if he had any, as hostages to get to him.

"..." He continued to roam through City A sight seeing sights and cuts through alleys, evaluating any and all area's for future plans.


Spin please. 

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Okay, can someone spin the wheel for my stats and such?
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So many Plaza Buster's but I will find a way to trump you all because it's gonna be me.

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I think I need a wheel spin for my stats or something? xd
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Skyscraper Human Hero; WIP

“ Strength and speed always go hand in hand, especially in combat. Care to help me exhibit that? ”

◈—〈 般の┇general information 〉—◈

//Full Name:// Momoko Hirata
Momoko (桃子) means "peach child" in Japanese. Hirata (平田) also means "rice paddy" in Japanese;

//Nicknames:// Momo; M. Hirata; Maruishi [丸石]
"Momo" is the simple shortening of her first name, Momoko, and only means "peach". This nickname had turned into her alias ever since she was a child, and stuck from there on.

"M. Hirata" is only the abbreviation of her name, with only her first name being an initial. Momo uses this shortening when signing documents and such.

"Maruishi" (丸石) in Japanese means boulder or cobblestone. During her intense training, a friend and close ally had given this nickname to her due to her incredible willpower and endurance. "She was as strong as a boulder."

//Alias:// Momo
(refer to "Nicknames".)

//Chronological Age:// Twenty

//Superficial Age:// Twenty Two

//Birthday:// September 24th
Her star-sign/zodiac is "Libra"; the sign of justice, fairness and balance.

//Species/Race:// Human
At the moment, Momo doesn't have any powers, but as she continues to train a vicious cycle and breaks her limitations she'll eventually gain them.

//Ethnicity:// Japanese (Asian)
Both of her parents were born and raised in the country, and so even after their marriage they decided to stay and raise their child in the same country.

//Sexual Orientation:// Heterosexual
Meaning, she has a sexual and romantic interest within the opposite gender, however she isn't looking for a relationship of any sort at the moment.

◈—〈 外観┇appearance 〉—◈

//Face Claim Used:// Uraraka O. (Boku No Hero Academia)

//Height:// 5"6'

//Weight:// 57 kg

//Eye Color:// Indigo

//Hair Color:// Charcoal, with aubergine highlights at the end

//Alignment:// Lawful Good
A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. (cr; easydamus)

//Faction:// The Hero Association
By taking the physical and written exam, Momo would be admitted into the association to be completely recognized as a super hero.

//Rank:// N/A

//Marital Status:// Single
Momo is too young for marriage, and doesn't waste a second thinking about any sort of romantic relationship.

◈—〈 才能┇Powers/Skills/Talents 〉—◈

//Skills and Natural Talents://
Cooking; As a young woman who lives by herself, Momo would have had to pick up cooking by herself. She taught herself through cooking shows and books, and actually taking a class once in a while. After practicing cooking for quite some time, Momo is able to cook simple yet extravagant dishes. However, at times she does opt out to just nuke a bowl of ramen or leftovers whenever she feels tired.

Reading Facial Expressions & Understanding Body Language; As a child, Momo had been practicing the skill of analyzing emotions through body language and facial structure. With this and her prior knowledge, she can read a person's feelings like a book and possibly profile a person by traits and estimated statistics.

Engineering & Technology; With a slight interest in two minors that go hand in hand, Momo had been able to easily pick up engineering along with technology. With these skill assets in mind and ready to use, she is able to utilize them in numerous ways, such as tailoring her own suit and weapons. However, she does often use these skills for minor things, such as creating her own fist sized gadgets or doing something so simple such as fixing a microwave.

//Powers:// Locked until 50-lined limit breaker post, which'll be fun. :)

◈—〈 関係┇Relationships 〉—◈

Kousuke Hirata ; Father ; Alive
Yukari Ryū Hirata ; Mother ; Deceased
Kyou Hirata ; Older Brother ; Unknown


Anyone apart of the NHA

Monsters / Villains / Anything else that falls underneath the category.

◈—〈 動作┇Personality 〉—◈


Spicy Udon Noodles
Strawberry Shortcake
Mathematics & Science
Autumn Leaves




↪ Biography:
◈—〈 歴史┇Character History 〉—◈

↪ History
◈—〈 伝説┇LEGEND 〉—◈

◈—〈 統計┇STATISTICS 〉—◈

//TIER:// Skyscraper (750 pts)

Strength_ - 135_
Speed_ - 110_
Agility_ - 115_
Stamina_ - 125_
Durability_ - 125_
Intelligence_ - 140_

◜EXTRA ◈ おもしろ情報◞
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