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Hello there, again! This is a post for people who want to create a new OC character. The only rules I have for the OC applications is that you have to try not the copy another person's OC. But that is all! Below is the form, which you just copy, paste, and fill out, and then tag to me. Also, please  remember to add at least two pictures that show what your character looks like. 

Original Character Application

Country Name:

Human Name:



Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

Skin Colour:

Location of Country: (Generally, just describe what countries border it)

Description of Regular Outfit:

Description of Appearance of Character: (Style of hair, organized-looking or disheveled?, etc.

Personality: (Be sure to be detailed!)

Other: (Anything else you want to mention that you feel is important)

Please attach at least 2 pictures to help aid in visualizing your character.

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Name: Michela Vargas 
Country/region: south Italy, Campania.
Age: 16
Siblings: Feliciano and Lovino.
Description: Michela is the young sister of Feliciano and Lovino. She can be loving and has a bubbly personality, but don't let that fool you she can be a hot head like Lovino. She has chocolate hair and golden eyes, as well as both curls.
((The one with glasses is her 1p the other is her 2p))
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A crossover rp anyone can join!
A sweet voice lures you into the forest, run as fast as you legs can take you. You then see two people, twins, they looked alike just a gender difference. The two were of the same person though. I wonder where this will take you~

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+Erin Furret  Another post for this:
because the other one had more than 400 messages and is loading way too slowly.

Maria lied down in her bed. She felt absolutely horrible. Her nose was running, her face was puffy, she hadn't been able to sleep all night. She reached over to her music box and wound it up "Ugh, could this day get any worse?" She asked herself. It was one am and she knew she still wouldn't be able to sleep.
(Open Rp!)

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Country Name: (It's not a country-it's a small village of 2,000 in Venezuela that's on the water) Sinamaica, Venezuela

Human Name: Amouti Wolfgang

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown/muddy kind of blue

Skin Colour: tan

Location of Country: It's in Venezuela- bordered by Brazil and Columbia

Description of Regular Outfit: Knee-length floaty dresses(usually pastels, white, or pink), handmade sandals, sometimes glasses or a wide-brimmed hat

Description of Appearance of Character: Likes to wear her hair down, but will tie it back in braids for formal events. She's got a small build but is surprisingly strong, even though she tends to pretend not to be. Skinny but gets bloated easily after eating a lot.

Personality: Likes farming, mango trees, coconuts, swimming, canoeing, spying on people, creativity, building, being spontaneous, and eating(A LOT!)...Doesn't like cleaning, rules, restrictions, being told she can't. She's got big breams and can be a little bratty about them sometimes. She likes to make things by hand, enjoying the result of her hard work. She's a bit mischievous but can be very kind and sweet-hearted. However if you get on her bad side, she will force you to eat the bad mangos that got tossed because they didn't make the cut that year. She tends to be a little insensitive when she doesn't realize you're upset.

Other: LOVES COWS. She likes cats, but she will tie a rope around a cow and climb on, riding it around town until someone tells her to stop and go swim or something. Is also very good at catching fish.

((The last photo is a picture of Sinamaica))

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Thanks for inviting me! So,  here is my OC Sicily, she is a character I've had for a while now, and I hope you guys all like her~ 

Country Name: Sicily

Human Name: Maria Lucy Vargas

Age: 15 

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Don't know yet...

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Skin Color: Pale

Location of Country: An Island by Italy

Description of Regular Outfit: Now a days, she wears a Red HetaOni tee-shirt, blue jeans, Fairy Tail wristbands, and her purple glasses. 

Description of Appearance of Character: Her hair style depends on how old she is. When she was 1-5, she dressed and looked just like Chibitalia besides the eyes, 6-9 it was up in braids, 10-13 pony tail, and modern day her hair is down and cut short. She has a scar over her right eye that she got while she was in the HetaOni Mansion. 

Personality: She's just like Holy Roman Empire, (Who IS Germany by the way) especially because even though she's his daughter, she didn't know him for the first 3 years of her life and is ALWAYS by his side. She can be a crybaby sometimes, but that is because of her past in the HetaOni Mansion. She's very kind and will always stick up for her friends and family. 

Weapons: She can use Italy's journal, she has a whip, can wield a sword and is comfortable with a gun. 

Other: Her parents are Germany and Italy, and she had to be raised away from Germany for the first 3 years of her life because of Italy's boss. (Long Story, I'll explain later) Because Austria is her Uncle, he taught her how to play piano, Germany taught her how to play flute and Violin, Italy taught her how to play harp, and Prussia is currently teaching her how to play electric guitar. The pictures below are of her during different ages. The scarf she wears from 5-9 she got on her 5th birthday from Japan, and keeps it tied around her waist in modern day. 
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Although this does not relate to the RPs here, please sign this petition!

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Grazie to +Angelina Tran  for inviting me!

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((Does anyone want to rp a romance pottertalia thing?))
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