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Hi and welcome to our Android beta testers community!

The CoffeeStrap team has worked very hard over the past months to build the Android app. Now we want to test and refine it before we make it available to everyone.

It would be great if you want to help us. Click the top right link (Download the Beta Android App) and download the app via the Play store. Once you are in the community it takes around half an hour for Google to add you as beta tester. If you get an error page just retry a bit later! Sorry about that!

We support only Android phones with version 4.0 or higher. The app is still pretty simple. We want to test the new flow in which you can look for languages and get in touch with people around the world who speak that language. 

It works cross device too, just point your browser here: and you will be able to use CoffeeStrap in the same way. Just not in your pocket! :)

If you have to suggest new features, tips or bugs that prevent you to enjoy the app, please let us know via this community!

You are awesome,
The CoffeeStrap Team

Dear all,

I want to pratice English but I don't know how to invite or comunicate with someone. Kindly advise me.

I'm in... but cannot download... is beta time over?
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