I guess this means I should start. I'll share small parts over time. Still trying to fully understand the meaning of my holy experience as the Holy Ghost helps me understand the different meaning of my experience.

I know one thing for sure. God uses people who are hurting and turn to him with all there heart. I fell on desperate times and cried out to God. I told him what I thought and asked him to use me. Not once, but many times.

I think my hard time was apart of Gods plan to shape me into something better. Something better for God's will so it could be done through me. I have always know the power of falling to my knees and asking God for help. Years ago I was faced with my first divorce where I was fighting for custody of my then six month old son. I won, but not because of me, but because of Gods will. I found myself at the Houston Downtown Family Law Center the day of the final hearing. I was so broken. So afraid and desperate. Inside the dirty public bathroom walked into a stall and fell to my knees asking God to please let me win custody of my son.

I think God answered my prayers because I was humble enough to submit to a men's bathroom floor to ask for his help.

Years later I fell on a very hard break up with a woman who I cherished more than my own life. I fell to my knees asking The Lord to please give me one more chance with her and he did. He opened the door and made a way.

It was experiences like this that, that I think most people have with God. It was all I knew.... prayer is powerful, but nothing would have prepared me for what God had in store for me next.

Would like to hear serious testimonies of first hand accounts of people's stories of how God or The Holy Spirit spoke to them.

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