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The Unknown Hero's Den is a group of heros that can travel through time and space to different dimensions and worlds to save the existence of the place or guide the people along the correct path to greatness.

But because of us being The Unknown Heros it means that we will fix the place or guide it but memories of us would be lost but not what we did or what we helped with after we return back. There are only some people who will recognize people to the Den and either help out in anyway they can or try to stop us at all costs. Because they were either recruited and left or attacked by the Den before and have out standing ways of holding grudges.

Dimensions and different planets and universes are linked by portals inside the den. When inside of the den you get a list of quests every Monday(by mods or me Shia Shondo). When it appears, it comes up as a scroll in front of your person. You tap the quest and it brings up details on it and shows what are the person requirements and have an accept or deny button. If you accept the quest, a portal will appear where the button is and you'll be pulled through.

Because you can't break that places law of physics or technology timelines. If you get thrown in a non-technological place as a technological person. All technology would be taken away and returned to the Den and you would be sucked into a portal and pop out into the world. (If clothing would be inappropriate for time placement of the area you would instantly be dressed in clothing appropriate to the place and given the best weapons you can get from there consistent to the type your character uses.) Also, if a world has no magic or is a mana restricted world/dimension your character cannot use magic.

Certain quests would require some people to form parties to take them so they had a higher chance of getting it. And don't worry about character death. When someone dies they are sent to the medical ward at the Den to be healed.

Which brings me to the den as a place in general. Although the den may look like a small castle on the outside it's actually a very large area that continuously expands a few rooms larger per person that has a profile. For each person is a moderate training area and workout area so that you can keep in shape between quests. And people can make RPs for walking around the Den itself in housing and sparing or going to the mess hall.

Another thing for the quests. If you accept a quest one week you'll be unable to accept one the following week as a cool down so everyone gets a try at a quest. The week after that you can accept one again but each job has a cool down of a week for accepting quests.

If your character ends up failing the quest or something happens to where the world would end it will create two dimensions out of the one place stopped at that time. Effectively allowing the hero or a different hero to come back and start the quest over at that point trying to correct what happened.

Some world's in certain dimensions won't even be world's at all. They will be a floating place in space with an atmosphere holding air or something in it. Some can be a forest of giant trees all connected by houses and bridges, or some would be a ringworlds/shieldworlds, or others would be like a cluster of starship wreckage, etc etc.

Every once in a while there will be a major quest that will take as many people as possible to fulfill it. There will be multiple tiers of it and some groups will have to do things quickly before another group can progress through. After they all help each other out they will find themselves in the final area where they will have to do something or defeat a major enemy to the Den or other places. But they will only be once a month at most. But the first one will dictate if It should continue.

Profile template is in the comments below.

1. This place is running on a 3 strike system. 1:warning 2: temporary restrictions. 3: "your outta here!"

2. This is a respectful place. No disrespect. If found disrespecting another member it's 1 strike. If your character disrespects others it will be okay but if it's too often or all the time that's a strike.

3. There will be zero toleration for racism. That will be two strikes on the dot.

4. No auto hit attacks. Counts as one strike if the other member is not okay with it.

5. Immortal characters are fine as long as they can still take damage. If they are invincible then it's not okay but immortals when damaged to a point can dissappear to a limbo state.

6. Have fun while being fair. This place is for all hero's that are trying to help people.

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I know... There is nothing that I can state that... Well... That will make up for my general lack of attention for the one place that I wanted to make into a prosperous community. I am the reason for this community's down fall and I won't shy away from that responsibility. There's no excuse for it. The one thing I truly wanted to make into something was one of the few things I... I guess you could say... neglected... I would like to ask you all, if your willing, if you would help me rebuild with the new system in mind from the other post I made back on January 7th. And a few ideas if you all have any you would believe could work... I would like to hear any idea possible to help with rebuilding... The Unknown Heroes Den. There are a few things however that I am planning for this place. First of all. On quests I was believing that people would have to make due with what they got as a cover story. Throughout quests you obtain different amounts of payment and then different amounts of 'Hero Level' once your 'Hero Level' reaches a specific point you can use your cash for going to the 'Unknown Shope' inside there you'll be able to buy A.) Weapons your character would have better expertise with. B.) Armor your character would use on missions. And C.) Any extra tools you'd need. When you buy something from the 'Unknown Shope' it will now be available for use when your on missions since usually your stripped of anything you came in with and are put into whatever armor and such that fits the time frame of the universe in need. And magic is also restricted. If you went to the current future world and let's say you tried to cast fireball. Nothing would happen. The future world currently has no magic within it while present day has some magic like fortune telling and future vision while the past world has the fantasy types of magic like fireball and lightning. And you can't unlock the magic at the 'Unknown Shope' because that is a world by world standard of if it is allowed to work. Also. If your character has like augmentations that would keep them alive, like a pacemaker or something, they would be temporarily cured while on the mission and the pacemaker would be back at the base but when they return from that mission the pacemaker is back in place. Augmentations that boost the character, like for faster reflexes, would be removed as well and stored within your room of the base as you can't use them on missions. When you'd be done with a mission the augments would automatically be on/in (if it's like that) your character once again without any problems. Now. Shall we begin?

Ooooookay folks. I know it's been quite... er... well dead. But I would like to fix that. I'm going to give another shot at the way I was planning this place to go. But I have another way that may clear up and show what I truly wanted for this place. That being. Said. I hope I can make this place prosper like I still believe it can.

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+Shia Shondo

Can you make a quests for me and my team?

+Kensei​ Wanna join our team it consists of me and +Terezi Pyrope​!

Elainzah tumbles out her room from an explosion

Shit! Wowie though I guess you can say my room did a boom boom.....passes out

+Terezi Pyrope



you get a knock on your door

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Okay. I hate to be blunt like this buuuuuuttttttt. I kinda ha en to so that it is understandable to people and newcomers.

For the different dimensions and universes there are magic restrictions for characters. For example. Let's say for Shia. He can cast his fireballs and every spell he can in the medieval universe. But for the 20th century universe his magic is unusable by that set of laws of physics. Unless it's one where he can read people's fate or curse someone. That is how the magic works. And in the Futuristic dimension nobody can use magic. Everything is technology based. Like you would use Ion boots that would cause you to float in the air. And the same goes for clothing. Your characters are instantly changed into what the people of that time wear. If your from the 20th century or futuristic dimension your clothes are swapped for a set of armor or a tunic for a quest in the medieval dimension. If your from the Medieval or futuristic dimension and go to the 20th century your character's clothing is changed to a common clothing type in the area you go to. And if your sent to the futuristic dimension your clothes swap to a close fit Tron-Startrek mash-up suit.

Also weapons. If you have a sword from the medieval dimension or that type of weapon and bring it to the 20th century dimension it will be exchanged for a shotgun weapon for the quest. If you take it to the futuristic dimension your sword will be turned into a energy based sword with the same hilt but with a pure energy blade. And vice versa for swords and guns. But if you take a dagger from the medieval dimension or time and go to the 20th century dimension it will be a pistol or a small close range rifle and in the futuristic dimension it would be a laser pistol or weapon of that effect and vice versa. If you take a bow and arrows from the medieval time and go to the 20th century dimension it will change to a long range rifle or a sniper rifle and if you take it to the futuristic dimension it will be a long range blaster rifle or a large rifle and vice versa.

I just felt like I had to say that for people to understand it. If you have read the entire thing say "I am a Hero" in the comments.
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