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Want to make a wolf? Great! In order to make one, please fill out the form below.
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Hey guys I'm new here

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Name: Chains

Gender: Male

Bio: Chains' thirst for bloodshed started when he was in training. He had killed his litter-mate just in a combat training session. It got worse when he became an adult. He had often tried to cause a war between other packs and his own just to fight. His leader had brushed this off and eventually, Chains had poisoned him with yew berry filled prey. Chains had eventually made it to the Alpha position. Only to be killed by one of his own hunters. He know walks in the dreams of the discontented and preys on them.

Personality: Ambitious, Cruel, Murderous.

Nicknames: The Dark One

Interesting Fact: Chains' story is often used with Mother Wolves to make pups behave. Saying that Chains will come get you if you did not listen.

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Pack Creation Rules.

1. You must be trusted to lead a pack.

2. To become a Leader, you must audition with one or more of the mods. If they approve you get the part.

3. There can be as many people in a single pack as the leaders want.

4. Mods will be active so no inappropriate pack titles.

5. All packs must list the ranks. Unless two packs are joining for a reason, there cannot be two leaders, two betas, or two omegas.

Other wise have fun! -Ara! 

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Name: Crystal
Nickname(s): Cry, Crys
Gender: Female
Bio: Born in a snow-covered land a while yonder the Peace Mountains. She was an adventurous pup and constantly strayed from her parents' sight, but was always found.
She grew to become a proficient hunter, but kept her adventurous spirit. She hopes to explore the land before she dies.
Personality: Adventurous, stupidly brave, optimistic, a bit boastful, competitive
Likes: Her home, exploring, hunting, challenges, winning, danger
Dislikes: Losing, being restricted, laziness, mundane tasks
Appearance: See image below.
Other: Her parents also have crystal-like fur. It's hereditary.

hello, everyone
i've been recently been promoted into a moderator, which i'll gladly partake in this community when it's active
feel free to call me tammy or tam

If you have any inquiries about this group, please ask Ara, Sheng, Eve, or me. If none of us can answer, it is best to contact BlazeTail.

Hello people. I know that I have not been on for a number of weeks. I will not be getting on for even longer so remember I'm still here. -Ara!

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Name: Reinca

Gender: Female

Like: Bright Colors

Dislikes: Dull colors, The Dark

Bio: Reinca got her colors from her explosive personality. There for many on her friends were amazed at how fast it could change. Her mother disowned her due theses changes just because, all the attention Reinca's father gave her.

Nicknames: Druggy, Rainy, Trip

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Hello everybody! I would like to say thank you for the promotion! 
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