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My BackStory

I never talked and it wasn't because I was shy or anything because I do have friends and when I'm with them I'm pretty lively. But that's probably because I knew them since childhood, so maybe I am shy with new people.

Its not just that I'm shy though. I didn't speak at all. I was mute, I haven't spoken since I was 5 years old. I'm nineteen now so that's about 14 years.

If I had to communicate with other people I would write down what I want to say on a white board.

I have never actually told anyone why in mute. People have asked but I just change the subject.



You are the lively one at school. Always wanting to make people happy. Kind of like a class clown.

You notice I don't talk very much. Well you always noticed that it's just that I don't really use my whiteboard to talk as much as I used to.

Its probably because you my friends left for a week to go on a trip. So you left it alone. But then you noticed that I've been coming to school with bruises or cuts.

So at lunch you come to confront me about it.

-I'm a seke
-2-3 lines please.
-Eventually I will talk, probably when the characters have a full relationship
-No god modding
-No emojis or text talk please
-I'll leave if if the rules are broken or I feel like the rp is not interesting anymore.

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You were the most popular guy at school and was also known as kind of a player but everyone loved you, especially the girls. You flirted with almost every girl you met and you never stayed with one girl longer than a month, it was mainly just a game for you, you didnt care if you hurt the girls afterwards...

I was the new girl at the school year and even on my first day I had already heard all about you and knew i wanted nothing to do with you. ..I had made friends pretty quickly because of my kind nature, i had even made friends with some of your friends, though they were only trying to get close to try and 'date me'... when you first saw me you just saw me as another girl for you to toy with, you put on your charming smile when you saw me and walked over to me as i stopped at my locker, i had hardly given you a proper look before turning away again and simple walking away, at this you were surprised and froze as you watched me walk away from you, no girl had ever ditched you or ignored you like that but this only made this more interesting for you...everyday after that you tried to get me to talk to you, using sine if your best moves to get me but everytime you did I would just ignore you, even after a few months
nothing had changed...

I was in your class, sitting at the front of the class like I always would while you stayed at the back, only a few rows behind me, you glared at me in frustration for most of the lesson, not that you ever really payed attention... you didn't understand why I was the only girl that seemed to hate you, in truth i did actually find you cute like the other girls but i refused to let you know that or to let you get close, knowing it wouldnt mean anything to you...I simple didn't want to get hurt... at the end of class everyone headed to the cafeteria, and usually I would do the same but instead I walked to the library to try and get some extra study, I pick up my things and walks to the library, you noticed this and decided to follow, you were still mad by how I ignored you so you wanted to try and find out why I did so... I walked into the library now and set out all my notes and work books, when you walked into the library you had a quick look around and saw that I was the only one here, you smirked now and watched as I went over to the shelves, trying to reach up to get a book for class but I couldn't quite reach it, you silently walked uo behind me now and grabbed the book for me and then. ..

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i loved you, you didn't love me back,.. I tried not to be creepy but I was, I was a stalker I watched you in class, taking pictures of you, I found an apple you threw away, I kept it, it's precious to me the thing I needed to live you more, I have the case to your old phone, to know what you like to do, I even have some string you tied around your hand that I keep! One day the teachers decided to have a dance, I out a note in your locker and signed it, you go to your locker and read the note you,....
Male only
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You and I are the best of friends and I recently asked you out and you said yes. One day we were walking to the park for a date and you being so excited walked a little faster then me.You were also not paying attention and didn't see the speeding car coming towards you. I ran up and managed to push you out of the way but I unfortunately I couldn't get out of the way and got it. You immediately rush to my side and start crying. I raise my hand to wipe them away and say "I-I love yo-" I was cut off my me blacking out. Then I wake up in a hospital with you crying next to me. But as soon as you notice me awake you...
*My rp name is Hiro. Female needed. Also just a heads up I do plan on my character losing their memory I'm just telling you so you don't get caught off guard

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We knew each other since we were little and I told you everything but you've been worried about me. I haven't been showing up at school for about a week. So you decided to come to my house and check up on me. When you got there you see me crying on the steps. You run up to me worriedly.
"Hiro what's wro-" I cut you off by placing my lips against yours but then I quickly pull away blushing a scarlet red.
"I-I am so sorry I-I don't know why I did that I-I j-ust." This time you cut me off by saying

Female Needed
No Text Speak
At least two lines
Ask first state you to name mine is Hiro Kioshi
I make repost

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Im the guy at school that some people would describe as "a loner" but the isn't the case. I just don't like talking to people. You were the one person who actually wanted to become my freind. It's been a couple months since we met and you still feel like there are still a lot of things you don't know about me so you decide to ask me about my past
_I don't really know where this will lead I was bored and just made it up. It's open to anybody I will make repost also please ask first and state your rp name mine is Hiro Kioshi enjoy*
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