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Member Rules;
1-No spam or anything unrelated to Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney.
2-If you wish to role play, you must first have a character that's approved by myself. Everyone is allowed up to ten different characters, but you must inform people which character you are using within the role play. 
3-I am the only on who is allowed to delete people from this community.
4-Any advertising on the community must be approved by myself before it is advertised.
5-No hating people outside of role play. 
6-Keep it rated 15. 
7-I am the only one who is allowed to edit the community. 
8-I am the only one who's allowed to let people into the community. I will make the promotions in the community. 
9-Only I may approve of role playing profiles.
10-Do not disrespect me, my second profile Hal Saxon/Ianto Jones, the moderators or members. 
11-No swearing other than hell, bloody, bullshit and damn.
12-My word is final.

Real Name:  
Hero/Villain Name:  
Sex (Male/Female):  
Good or Bad:  
Build (weak/strong/muscular/fat/thin etc):  
Appearance: (You can use a picture)  
How They Are Related to Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney (For example is the younger brother of...or is a main character from...):  
What Fandom They Are From (Finding Nemo, Shrek, Lion King ect):
Weaknesses (MUST have more than one weakness):  

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Welcome +Information News 

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Just A Disney Song Melody...

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