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what's more depressing than can't color well enough?
when you can't even draw your own face.

Practice coloring using kawacy@kawanocy method
to be honest i kinda like it ^ ^.

estimate to finish: 15 min
actual time to finish: 2 hours

god damn i'm so slow QwQ

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you all keep up the good work

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hello! Just finished my latest short animation + my Patreon page is now active (I explain it at the end)

Check out the Patreon page if you have time

And here is my Youtube channel

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Hi! Imma keep this group alive for now ^^ have some of this week's art
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Long time ~~~

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been busy lately so here's some throwback art ^^
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⚠ Raffle ⚠

Since i never did anything for getting 100 or 200 followers i decided ill do my 300 follower art raffle early:
Prizes Winners
•1st 3 request ~ 1 person
•2nd 2 request ~ 2 people
•3rd 1 request ~ 3 people

To enter you have to be following me and comment on the following post

Winners will be picked at random

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