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As you can see our member count went from 40 to 24. Those were all the accounts that were inactive.

Also, the rules have been changed and \ or removed!

You no longer need to make a new character if your Character dies even though it wasn't stated in the rules and idk where that even came from

Aquatic animals are no longer kept to a minimum

You can have wings BUT only for gliding. Gliding means from a tall area down to the ground.

Armored trucks are now available to all who ASK. As long as you ask you can have one that is straight from the military. If you don't ask then you have to own a "make your own" armored truck \ bus \ van or whatever car you decide to use. You can also drive around in a police cruiser!

Restrictions on the NSFW rule have been slightly lifted! You can have photos but they can NOT show:
Or anything else in action of sex. You can also now be as descriptive as you want, but please put a warning on the post!

No weird devices that cause sickness. This is considered as OP because devices don't work anymore unless it's a battery powered mp3 player. I saw this in an RP and I strongly disapproved of it.

That's all!

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Hello everybody! As you sadly can see, Tord has left us :(
That means we are in need of a new owner.
So here's a poll on which of our current moderators should be owner!
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sighs as I walk tiredly through Terminus. My head and ears rotating as I listen for any sounds of walkers or other survivors. I was hungry, sleep deprived, and close to dehydration. I stopped when I heard-

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Name Kasuto

Age 21

Gender male

Species wolf

Sexual Orientation straight

Likes protect friends, eating and other stuff

Dislikes bullies and firestarters

Group N/A (new)

Weapon(s) Duel revolver

Family; Was abandon

Parents Rip

Siblings N/A

Pets squirrel

Hobby's video games and loves listening to music

Pre-Apocalypse Job Military Agent Force

Bio i work for the military force for 10 years but retired and had to be the men of the house, i had 2 kids and a beautiful wife, my son and wife died when the zombies attack our home, i save my daughter and had to move in the underground bunker i built for any situation, my daughter is 5 years old and shes everything i got left, and the ration we had only last for 5 month.


Tiny, as tired as he was, sat down on a concrete slab. He was in a memorial Park a few miles away from the busy city. He'd been looking and looking for his baby sister and was starting to loose hope. He put his elbows on his knees and face in his paws, taking deep breathes when-

(Btw this is when Dustin was 15) It was late at night, I was out, Looking for shelter. Couldn't find any place that would take me in. I was stranded, Until you saw me, Covered up in newspapers, lying down on the ground

Forgot about this commute. Well... RP anyone?

it was a cold as hell night. I couldn't take it anymore so I set up a fire. I use whatever wood and leaves I could find and hoped that walkers won't come.

You see the smoke rising from the ground and think it'll help. Then also think you could score some food or maybe a partner for the night when-

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((Open, takes place at: ))

Alexander stood on his porch, hatchet in hand, handgun holstered on his hip. He peered cautiously out past his fence for a while, before making a circle around the perimeter, to make sure nothing had gotten through.

Once he was satisfied it was safe, Alexander started to head out, but heard a noise and stopped, his hand on the loose board that served as a fence. He narrowed his eyes, and searched for the source of the sound.
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