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walks to my old house, I find my violin intact, I pick it up crying.

open RP I guess. Even though this place was supposed to be gone

I was running though the woods, tired, out of breath, and scared. Arrows flied passed my face as I ducked and jumped. Soon, I came out onto the open road, and took a turn for the worst. I went back down the hill of the dirt raid and came up to a hoard of walkers. I slid to a stop and turned back around, coming back on to the road and running down it shit, shit.... Fuck it!
I started to scream for help somefur! Anyone! Help me! Please! 

Today is the last day
I will shut down the community without warning so if you are someone who is in the middle of an RP
Reshare and finish it somewhere else 

Guess I may as well screw around while I can...

Name: Avery

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Likes: Intercourse, being alone, not people

Dislikes: Most people, being touched.

Group: N/A

Weapon(s): Katana, M1911 pistol, M4A1 assault rifle

Family: N/A

Parents: N/A

Siblings: N/A

Pets: N/A

Hobby's: Reading

Pre-Apocalypse Job: N/A

Bio: Born and raised in the city, she went to a shooting range almost every day, she wears faded jeans a faded denim shirt and a leather jacket with a military grade backpack and duffelbag. She sometimes wears a gas mask, and when she doesn't wear it, it hangs from her belt loop. She is a purely white wolf with thick fluffy fur, and electric blue eyes. she roams the wasteland, killing anything and everything that tries to keep her from her secret agenda.

My dream of this community thriving :
My hopes for this place:


You were looting a shop I na town, when you hear footsteps outside. Thinking it was a zombie, you approach the front of the store, but through the busted out window you see a white wolf in a gas mask, they have thik fur, wearing faded black pants with a faded leather jacket and flannel shirt. they wear combat boots and have an assault rifle drawn and read to be pointed and shot. you see a duffel bag and backpack on them (Open, ask)

I need a way to copy and paste the template please cuz I can't on phone 

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Name, Julian De Ulf (swedish)

Age, 13

Gender, Female

Species, Anthro Tundra Wolf

Sexual Orientation, Straight

Likes, depends, but usually time sleeping and not having to worry, easy kills (to be edited later)

Dislikes, Not getting a break, constant walkers (to be edited later)

Height, 5'2

Group, no group, I prefer to travel alone. (To be edited later)

Weapons, ThinBlade Tomahawk,

Family, Lëgenti (another to be said later)

Parents, divorced and with new parents, but dead

Siblings, Had an 18yr old brother named Kyle (A jerk), a 15yr old step brother named Mason (pretty cool guy), and a 21yr old step sister named McKenna(also pretty cool)

Pets, Lëgenti (Lee•Jen•T), my Abyssal DutchAD. (His height to shoulders is 9ft)

Hobby's, walking through the woods and fields, finding a cozy spot to camp out and sleep

Pre-Apocalypse Job, helped my biological dad who was a mechanic, but wanted to be a mechanical engineer. But that will never happen.

Bio, A wolf who would be teased and bullied in school who always had a secret skill to survival, but the soft world around her never allowed her to show it. But now that the world has gone to hell, all she can do is show off her talent, staying alive at a young age. more it be be discover through rp

(Both fursonas are mine, please do not use,edit,copy,or steal them or their artwork)
(Also, I love TWD)
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is walking around a town, and, I spot a house with the door locked! I kick it down, to spot you pointing a gun at me, I only have one arm since a problem happened!

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Name Jason Rogers

Age 30

Gender Male

Species Black Bull

Sexual Orientation Straight

Likes Helping anyone he can, Working on cars

Dislikes Traitors, Liars

Group None

Weapon(s) AR-15, Five-Seven Pistol

Family; None so far

Parents Dead

Siblings Brother - Mason Rogers Brother (Dead)

Pets None

Hobby's Fixing cars

Pre-Apocalypse Job Auto mechanic

Description A Black Bull with brown eyes, and red tribal marking tattoo’s on his arms and has a Muscular fit body. He wears black jeans, yellow boots, white t-shirt.

Bio Born from Upstate New York and basically lived in a garage all his life since he comes from a family of mechanics. He always loved working on cars in his parents shop either fixing up on cars or upgrading them. He can be friendly and willing to help out anyone if not crossed, bretrayed or lied to. His mother and father passed away before the broke out and was happy that his parents didn't have to die from the virus but his brother wasn't so lucky when the virus broke out. Now the friends he has are his guns and his Silverado to help his journey on survival.

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