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I made a new community, I hope some of you guys will join. I would gladly appreciate it~!^^

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Name: Firetail
Age: 30 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: Flameclan
Rank: ???? (if there is leader or dep i'll take it)
Personality: Brave courageos

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Name: CresentFeather
Pelt: Dark Ginger
Eyes: hazel/green
Clan: Leafclan
Gender: she-cat
Description: She is loyal, brave, and trustworthy. She has friends in Snowclan (Leopardfire), Riverclan (Mistystream), and Shadowclan (Hawkkit) and enjoys a good adventure.

this is a really good website to see what your warrior's name, pelt, and clan will be. Enjoy!!

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Can i also join Stormclan as a warrior? 
Warrior (wants kits but has no mate . . yet)
Skill- hunting
Is shy, small, fast, and does not like to fight however she will to protect her clan.

Can I join as a warrior? (Foxheart) :)

is it just me, or is everybody going to flameclan just because "flame" has to do with firestar?

Name: Mistystone
Rank: Warrior
Pelt/Eyes: Silver/Light Gray/Light Blue eyes
Gender: She-cat
Personality: She is quite timid around big groups of cats, but around her Clanmates, she is carefree, naïve, smart, kind, and stubborn. She can be blunt and may insult you if you doubt her. She will claw your face off if you insult her. She is practical and knows what's best for her Clan.
No Mate
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