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Missions Day and GORUCK Scavenger Hunt in Philly! If you need a ride +Mary Sleppy has graciously offered to drive 

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Some things transcend the game. Help out our fellow agent! 

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If anyone is really into pins and wants to help a fellow agent in need, here's an auction for you. I've donated several coins and some other misc swag for auction as well.

If you're interested in donating swag for the cause contact +Daniel Lawrence​, or myself if you would rather work with someone locally.
Here is your chance for a complete metal Achievement Badge set of your profile.

All Achievement Medals and Anomaly Medals customized to match your profile in a felt lined box. This one of a kind rare set will be custom made just to match your stats. Auction ends in 7 days and all proceeds are going to a worthy cause to help a fellow Ingress agent. Don't miss out on a chance to win this rare set.

After the auction, you will be asked to provide agent name so a set can be build to your profile. Achievement pins will match the level of each medal, from Bronze to Onyx. Please allow 7-10 days lead time before shipping.

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Clear your calendar now! 
Agents we are happy to announce our travel schedule up to May before we take an upgrade break. We look forward to meeting a lot of new agents on this trip and we have a few surprises in store as well. Akira packs in limited amounts will be available at all meet ups and we have a variety of character badges to give away as part of the agent stats competition. RSVP links to each event coming soon™.

3-25-2017 Saturday-San Antonio, TX (Quest Day)
3-27-2017 Monday-Gulfport, MS
3-29-2017 Wednesday-Mobile, AL
3-31-2017 Friday-Gainesville, FL
4-3-2017 Monday-Orlando, FL
4-5-2017 Wednesday-Savannah, Ga
4-7-2017 Friday-Cookeville, TN
4-9-2017 Sunday-Winston-Salem, NC
4-11-2017 Tuesday-Pittsburgh, PA
4-13-2017 Thursday-Columbus, OH
4-15-2017 Saturday-Dayton, OH
4-17-2017 Monday-Indianapolis, IN
4-18-2017 Tuesday-St. Louis, MO
4-20-2017 Thursday-Kansas city, KS
4-22-2017 Saturday-Denver, CO
4-26-2017 Wednesday-Las vegas, NV
4-28-2017 Friday-San Francisco, CA
4-29-2017 Saturday-Sacramento, CA

*Sorry Canada we will be back later this year for events in your area.

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Please make sure that you don't let Ingress get the better of you this evening and the next day or two. It's going to be super cold. But wait, I'm going to be in my cozy car you say? Make sure that you are dressed to survive a break down or accident. If you're heading out on a long trip to get that faraway portal, let your teammates know when you arrive and when you make it back home.

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I am not the leader of SPAIRO. I am not stepping down as requested as I was never in charge.  I am not an officer and have literally no official duties or responsibilities.  

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As having promised
#SitRep  Hello agents, I am @Subhhy from Pittsburgh Enlightened, and this is our Yinzgress Report. During the global Abaddon XM Anomaly series, Pittsburgh was blessed as a satellite city, one month after Pittsburgh's Mission Day. About 800 agents in total were involved in this war between the two colors, fighting for their own faith. Hundreds of thousands of XMP Bursters were fired between 1pm to 5:10pm on November the 14th, along with AXA shield deploying parties everywhere. With their relentless effort to victory, agents collaborated together as ground teams, bike teams, car teams, and operators . The controlling faction switched all the time, and with a final score of 512 to 478, Enlightened claimed the control of Pittsburgh. Well done, agents!
#IngressYearThree   #Ingress   #Yinzgress   #Abaddon   #PittsburgH  
+Anne Beuttenmüller +Linda Besh +Matilde Tusberti +John Hanke +Masashi Kawashima +Ingress 

I'm sure you all heard by now, and if you haven't get out from under that rock - Pittsburgh's getting an anomaly!  There's a lot of work that goes into an anomaly and we need your help.  If anyone is willing to donate some time into finding us a good after party space, +1 this post. I will add you to an x faction hangout for planning. 
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