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Oh .. My .. What next?
These scientists are just laundering money 
Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said that he had travelled back in time to prevent the LHC from destroying the world.
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What's next? Just ask him!
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They found it!
This is my ingress in Fedora. ELwire + badges... Dont know if it is original enough for #ingresswear but it is how I roll. +Ingress
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..., TIA.
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It can't be unseen!
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Thanks for permanently burning that image into my retinas
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My name is Ray, agent name east55r, I live in Squirrel hill and work at the zoo. I could really use some help as to what I'm doing exactly. 
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Ok Thanks
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Stay out of Graham park in cranberry there has been a lot of damage done by vandals  Graham Park
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Where is that? 
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Jordan Hartung

Smack Talk  - 
Ingress Bootcamp website hacked?
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I just saw it on the ingress page

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Hello everyone. It's been a sad 2 weeks for me. I'm not going to go into detail, but I ask you all only one favor.

Today at 1300, I'll be at the Mt. Royal Cemetery, laying a friend to rest. If you Ingress there frequently, please refrain from any activity in that area. That's all I ask.
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+Mike Hasko Agreed, and thanks.
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Operation: Where’s Pittsburgh?

Greetings Agents, welcome to operation - Where’s Pittsburgh?  The idea was born from a hangouts conversation between +Rob Nussbaum +David Seese and myself.  “Hey, lets see how many fields we can put over Pittsburgh for St. Patrick’s Day” was the gist of the conversation.  The intel map was then searched for good anchor points.  Lisbon, OH., Waynesburg, PA., and Punxsutawney, PA. were determined to be good anchors. +David Seese  went to the drawing board to see how many layers were possible.  A 3 phase, 63 link sequence was devised and 27 was the magic number.  A community of 30+ agents from 2 separate communities was made and planning began.  A little over a month later and St. Patrick’s day arrived.

Anticipation was high with agents scattered Ada’ing, Jarvising, and blowing up blockers all over western Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio. +Jörg Henkel  was running intel bright and early directing the following agents to blockers +April Drap +Nathan Duchene +Gil Tygart +Erin Seraly +Thew Raslletem +Jennifer Alway +Dayv Gastonguay  Blockers were also dropped by the following agents leading up to the event +josh mance  +Will Rogers +Daniel Baldauf +Christopher Fleming +Michael Himmelstein 

While blockers were being dropped, the following agents were getting in position to shoot links +Carrie Emler +David Seese +Michael Hunsaker +Michael Butler  +Zachary Taylor  and myself.  The last blocker fell in Newton, PA at 0936 hours and the first links were shot at 0937 hours.  The fielding was off to a slow start due to gps issues +Carrie Emler was having.  She had to do a gps dance to get a lock on the portal to shoot links.  +Michael Butler was unable help her because he was dispatched to intercept a couple resistance agents (Shadus & Philodoxdreams) in the area.  +David Seese had to stop linking from Punxsutawney because a blue link slide between him and his next portal.  Fortunately it was linked to a portal near by and quickly rectified.  Linking resumed with +Carrie Emler continuing her gps dance.  Phase 1 was almost complete when resistance agents +Ralph Weaver +Amanda Dabb  started attacking our fields.  +Michael Butler and +Carrie Emler managed to get a key portal back up allowing myself and +Michael Hunsaker to start phase 2.  While completing phase 2 the battle raged on in Lisbon.  +David Seese waiting patiently for phase 3 got a surprise of his own.  He was now under attack by resistance agent (Zrgh).  Phase 2 was complete.  +David Seese managed to get a couple links and fields completed in phase 3 while fending off Zrgh.  With 2 areas under attack it was decided to suspend the rest of the operation.

17 fields, all over 1 million mu were completed through the operation.  The total mu count for the operation was 17,762,066.

Special thanks to:

+Rob Nussbaum knowledge and support
+Jörg Henkel monster intel operator & screenshots/video
+Rod Lellock gathering keys
+Ted Falkowsky adding info and music to video

Communities involved: Pittsburgh Ingress Enlightened (PIE) and Ohio Valley Enlightened Collective (OVEC).

Available Rovers: +Ted Falkowsky +Leah Wilson 

Jarvis/Ada contributor: +j donaldson +Chrissie Falkowsky 

If I missed anyone, please contact me asap!

YouTube Video:

#ingressreport   #ingress  
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Ivan Russell

Discussion  - 
Cross faction at its best.
Winning is not always defined by how many "points you score", but in how you play the game.  With a show of good faith we realize how much gameplay has declined in South Korea and want to fix that.  No trickery, no nonsense, no trolling...simply taking an opportunity to make things more fun for all is a win in my book.

The ENL and RES have banded together this morning, finalizing plans to send Artifact #4 to Seoul, South Korea in an attempt to lift spirits for agents of both factions.  

A bit long winded but please bear with me.  Korea became quite bored with Ingress a while ago.  I applaud the thought to drop an artifact there. We've made the decision as Resistance to move it to Seoul ASAP even though it is pretty Enlightened there.  This decision was made NOT from a strategic standpoint, but from an Ingress standpoint.  By allowing both sides to play with it for a few hours, and then upon reactivation our hope is to respark the interest of the disheartened there.  I don't care if it ever makes it "home" as long as I am able to lift the spirit of the game for an entire country that is a bigger win in my book. I care about the community more than an artifact or a win. 

From +JiYun Kim 
Since I started Ingress last year, I met a lot of people and built a Korean Resistance community named “IRK”.

But I have one big concern these days.

I saw players leaving Ingress.
So I asked them for the reason.
“I’ve lost interest in Ingress”. This was the answer in common.

Actually, I also started to feel bored with the contents.
It was a real fun at the early moment, but after being accustomed to it, yes.

But, there was a reason for me to keep playing.

Not just because I was the leader of IRK.

The Ingress is not just a ‘GAME’ for me.

After playing Ingress, I started to make myself go outside the door.
And there’s one thing I earned by communicating with others.

That’s ‘People’

We’ve met each other as ‘Gamers’, time passed and that ‘Gamer’ has developed to ‘Acquaintance’, and some of these ‘Acquaintance’ has became a real ‘Friend’.

Got lots of advice while I was at high school that helped me very much, and my sight has been widened while talking with a lot of people from various fields.

Apart from these personal effects, it helped the family relationship.
I was like being dragged to family travel, but after this I always jumped around for taking portal pictures wherever I go. Maybe parents feel like I’m energetic than before. That’s a real good change. ;)

These positive changes above are not just for me. This was happening to everyone, and common thing in those changes was ‘Communication between people’.

There was a communication so for the positive effects happened.
And, the Ingress was excellent for that ‘communication’.

The Ingress has made people around the world communicate each other.
Not by force, by their own will.

Through Ingress, people met and talked each other.
I could see their life being happy.

In this way, Ingress has approached to us in the way of ‘Value, more than just game’.
I sometimes think that this is the real purpose of Ingress for Niantic.

I really want to share this experience with the people, including non-Ingress players.

However, this Ingress seems to be dying here in Korea.

One day, March 11 2014, one artifact has been dropped to Gyeongju, SouthKorea.

Next day, we put our heads together and went under the operation.

I felt one thing during the operation.
There was just one artifact drop, just one artifact, but the passion and interest in Ingress of all agents who joined the operation got really high over than my willing in usual days.

But, seems that only the agents who had participated in this felt the joy and thrill fully.

So I started thinking.
‘Even though it doesn’t match with the goal of Resistance and BRRN, I have to send this artifact to Seoul.’

This artifact seemed to me like one chance.
For the one last chance.

So, I said my thought to BRRN, where helped our operations go on smoothly.

“I have one request. Can we please send this to Seoul? I have to make our agents(Both RES and ENL) enthusiastic against Ingress again. Ingress is now dying here in Korea. They're bored with normal contents. I really want to cheer them up. The artifact is our hope. Please allow my choice. Truly.”

Time passes, and the answer came.

Actually, the people who answered were not the one who manage BRRN.
They were same BRRN member just like me.

After reading my message, he told me that he had sent his thoughts to Global Team.

“A big long winded but please bear with me. Korea became quite bored with Ingress a while ago. I applaud the thought to drop an artifact there. We've made the decision as Resistance to move it to Seoul ASAP even though it is pretty Enlightened there. This decision was made NOT from a strategic standpoint, but from an Ingress standpoint. By allowing both sides to play with it for a few hours, and then upon reactivation our hope is to respark the interest of the disheartened there. I don't care if it ever makes it "home" as long as I am able to lift the spirit of the game for an entire country that is a bigger win in my book. I care about the community more than an artifact or a win. 
just what I sent to the global team here, not to public or anything”

Over the game itself, I was deeply moved that they were understanding my true purpose for maintaining the real value of Ingress, and trying to support me actively.

We were talking as usual, and one said
“JY, the artifact isn't going anywhere far tonight if it jumps. Get some rest.”
So I responded
“nope, it's okay. I'm happy doing this.”

After the short silence, I got this message.

“You know, this reminds me of something that happened yesterday while at one of our local farms that was mostly grey. Another agent (and a good friend of mine) brought a new agent to help level, when we came to the farm, a low level Enlightened agent was capturing portals from his car as the temperature outside was -2C with 20kph gusts. The Enlightened agent captured what he could and left. The three of us parked, and we went with the new agent and helped him capture all the portals (39). Not once did the new agent complain, instead he was apologetic that he had to leave and couldn't field everything. That type of mentality really showcases the dedication agents have for their faction and this game, weather and distance are minor obstacles. Camaraderie and teamwork are everything. JY's desire to respark interest for both factions reminded me of this again.”

And one more.

“JY, when you speak to the Seoul Res, let them know that they are not alone, they have the backing of every Resistance agent on the planet! We ARE a team.”

I just asked them for the very personal wish, they all sympathized and started to try their best to give help. I was very impressed from my deep heart.

So, we’ll send this artifact to Seoul for everyone with a glad heart.

9 AM. March 18, 2014 in Korean Time, we’re sending this to Seoul.
Before that, we have to clear the blocking links between Busan and Seoul.
This refers that, for the successful transmission, the Enlightened and Resistance have to cooperate each other.

Resistance and Enlightened, without thinking of the faction, as we are one ‘Ingress Player’, please help this cross-faction operation.
(The specific rules related to Artifact and operation will be posted on the next notice.)

WE are not moving alone.
Behind this move, there’s a BRRN that helps our move efficient.

This is so for the Enlightened.
Head Office of Enlightened, the EHC is supporting ENL agents all around the world.
Korean Enlightened are also included.
So, you all will experience soon.

For the ENLIGHTENED COMMANDER :@Dalikim&@DongHaerang+ EHC

Next Tuesday 9 AM.


Even though I can’t be on the site, I would gladly command! lol

There’s one mission for you all.


Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to say!
The name of the artifact that has been dropped here is, “PROGRESSION

Korean and English translations are both included on this page.

+JiYun Kim +Dean Nielson +dali kim +HaeRang Dong +Dae Hur 

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger
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About this community

Ingress is a game. Games are meant to be fun and friendly, even with the other team. To that extent, this unofficial Ingress G+ community is here to foster friendly discussion amongst players in the region.

Ivan Russell

Discussion  - 
Leaving "gifts" at other players houses isn't something that is legal. Leaving frogs, smurfs or gear isn't cool or funny. Let's keep this game fun and not violate people's home spaces. There is a time and place for shanigans, but not at agents homes. Please be respectful of all agents, on the other team or otherwise. 
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I do agree player's homes should be off limits....which is why people shouldn't put portals right on top of your houses.   That's just not safe.  Three local players have done that.

It's in the nature of the game you meet other players.  We plan events, join the Google+ communities or just simply find each other at the same portal at the same time.  With that said, we still need to exercise the same caution and reserve as meeting anyone else.   Don't get so caught up in the game that you forget that you're dealing with real people and not digital avatars.
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David Jose

Discussion  - 
An interesting article about Riot's recent findings with regards to sportsmanship and behavior in online games.
Riot talk teamwork, good behaviour and the power of the GG as we interview Jeffrey Lin.
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Speaking of LoL, have the portal monkeys thought of making a tribunal of sorts for portal submissions?
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Jim Bolla

Discussion  - 
We've known about their arrival for some time now, and they are finally making their way to the masses. Yesterday, Ingress announced it's newest item, The
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Sylena Smith

Discussion  - 
Just as an FYI, this was sent out this morning to various Homeland security groups. 

TO: ALL MS-ISAC Members and Fusion Centers
DATE ISSUED: 4/1/2014
SUBJECT: Google’s Ingress Game Will Likely Increase Reports of Suspicious Activity
For your situational awareness, the Center for Internet SecurityUS entity (CIS) is alerting you to Google’s Niantic Lab’sUS entity Ingress game, which involves players visiting points of interest for extended periods of time, at all times of day, and potentially photographing sensitive public buildings and critical infrastructure. This will likely result in increased reports of suspicious activity and creates the potential for unrelated malicious activity. 
The Game
Google released Ingress for Android devices in December 2013 and currently there are over 700 million players registered worldwide. Google plans on releasing a version for Apple devices in 2014. Ingress is an augmented reality game where players, or field agents, are divided into two teams, the Resistance and the Enlightened, and then fight for control of geographic areas by creating and linking together “portals.” Portals are real-world public points of interest such as statues, works of art, buildings with unique architecture or historical significance, mass transit stations, public libraries, places of worship, water towers, and entrance signs to public parks. In order to claim a new portal, a player must provide photographs and GPS coordinates for the location. Players attempt to capture rival portals and “hack” friendly portals to acquire needed items for the game.  All game activity is conducted online, however, players must physically be within 40 feet of the portal to accomplish game objectives. 
The Threat
While Ingress is not malicious, the game presents an opportunity for the following:
•         Suspicious Activity: Players are known to play late at night, loiter around public locations, gather in groups, and take pictures of public buildings or critical infrastructure, which is highly likely to generate 911 calls and creates a potential for players trespassing into prohibited areas. While Google states that “bridges, tunnels, damns, fire departments, hospitals, and police stations” may not be used as portals, there have been reports of players photographing and loitering around these areas. In March 2014, reports surfaced of players submitting military bases as portals, as well as attempting to receive passes to federal property to take photographs for the game. 
•         Law Enforcement Encounters: There are multiple reports of Ingress players being stopped by law enforcement officers, most often due to suspicious activity. Ingress players may explain their activity to Law Enforcement Officers using terms from game play that sound malicious, such as “hack” and “attack.” In the case of Ingress players, “hacking” and “attacking” are part of the game and not real-world malicious activity. An Ingress player released a series of tips and guidelines for other players to follow if they are approached by law enforcement. These tips advise players to be cooperative and non-combative.
•         Malicious Activity and Surveillance: Malicious actors unaffiliated with the game may attempt to cover up their malicious activity and/or surveillance efforts by claiming they are playing the game. 
CIS recommends alerting all law enforcement officers, security officers, and critical infrastructure personnel about Ingress and the likelihood of encountering players. CIS believes it will be difficult to determine if an individual claiming to play the game is a legitimate player or malicious actor seeking to cover their activity.
Traffic Light Protocol (TLP): WHITE information may be distributed without restriction, subject to copyright controls.  
This message and attachments may contain confidential information. If it appears that this message was sent to you by mistake, any retention, dissemination, distribution or copying of this message and attachments is strictly prohibited. Please notify the sender immediately and permanently delete the message and any attachments. 
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Jim Bolla

Silly  - 
Perfect for Ingress. ;)
Call Jonas Hanway crazy, but after being embarrassed on Shark Tank the entrepreneur's new product has raised $1 Million dollars on Kickstarter. It's called Thumbrella and it's the frenzy that's becoming the next Flappy Bird.
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You know there someone out there getting ready to do this exact same thing. And not on 4/1 either :-) 
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Worth the read.
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This isn't "worth a read" It should be required reading!  
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Shane Kunkle

Discussion  - 
We started a new hangout for Vappers.  If anyone is interested in joining, just comment or +1 this post :)
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Just wanted to throw another reminder out there to be aware of your surroundings. A house in my town last night was spayed with over 40 bullets, one person shot. It was retaliation for a shooting in braddock the day before. This means that braddock is due for retaliation now. Please be aware of what's around you. Bullets fired en masse hit all kinds of things, and these types of shootings are very sudden.
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There are times living here pays off. Things I do that would elsewhere seem excessive or "crazy" are perfectly understandable here. Ha
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Ivan Russell

Discussion  - 
Congratulations! The enlightened have finally done it! 
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Finally?  That old field?  Pfft...could've been done any time.  St. Patty's Day was just the best day to do it.  :)
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Christina Butler's cupcakes
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Chrissy bakes for the next cross faction! 
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