Q>Consider the following strategy to convert an undirected graph with negative edge weights to one that does not have negative edge weights. Let the maximum magnitude negative edge weight in the graph be -k. Then, for each edge in the graph with weight w, update the weight to w+k+1. Consider the following claim:
To solve the shortest path problem in the original graph, we can run Dijkstra's algorithm on the modified graph and subtract the added weights to get the original distances.
Which of the following is not correct.
1>The claim is not true in general.
2>The claim is true for all graphs.
3>The claim is true for connected acyclic graphs.
4>The claim is not true in general for connected graphs with cycles.

Q>Consider the following algorithm on a graph with edge weights.
Sort the edges as [e1,e2,...,em] in decreasing order of cost.
Start with the original graph. Consider each edge ej. If this edge is part of a cycle delete it.
Which of the following is not true.
1>After processing all m edges, the resulting graph is connected.
2>What remains at the end is a minimum cost spanning tree.
3>Exactly m-n+1 edges will be deleted.
4>At most n-1 edges will be deleted.

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A data structure is a particular method of organizing data in a computer so that we can perform different operations on these data in an effective way. A data structure provides the facility to reduce the space & time complexities of different tasks.
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Sorting is a method of arranging the data in ascending or descending order. Sorting is used for ordering or placing a list of elements from a collection in a sequence or storage of data in sorted order.

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8. Previous Year Question || Reasoning || RAILWAY 2018, SSC CHSL || Step Study
take 40 sec for each question
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Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages of using Array in your computer programe

As we all know that Array is an abstract data types and also familiar with its implementation. We also know some application in which array are used as a main data structure in it. Let us further study in more detail about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of using Array in your computer programming.

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Basic Terminology used in Graph Data Structure

Introduction: A Graph is a non-linear and abstract data structure which is further used to implement relational data. It is basically a collection of different vertices (v1, v2, v3,..........., vn) and connecting edges (e1, e2, e3,..............,en). They are mostly used to represent any situation where different entities are related to each other in pairs. For example, the following information can be represented by using Graph data structure:
1. Transportation Network
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