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It is our subconscious patterns and habits that shape our lives and determine whether we will accomplish our goals or not. It is what we do over the long term, what is ingrained into the fibre of our beings that will reinforce the actions that need to be taken in order to succeed in the realisation of our desires. How we react to certain situations in our everyday lives can influence the outcome of many things - our career and financial goals, social status, health and fitness goals, relationships...

good morning all.

I and a few other tutors are in a lucky position where we have a waiting list of students. I am a little annoyed at having the only option but to advise parents to use tutorhunt or first tutors, etc.

In one of my posts i was looking at setting up a central database with all tutoring requests that we are unable to fill. I did a little research and have managed to create a map in Google Drive. It gives us all access and creates a map of all the jobs and contact details of the tutor (personally i would rather not disclose parent contact details.) you can add if they would be interested online or face to face, etc.

If you are a parent and you require a tutor or teacher, then please feel free to add your details.

Please look at the link and put forward your opinions.

To access the table of data, click the options button and select open in my maps (this is an icon consisting of lines.

When you have opened in maps, there will be a block with option icon in the layers block when you click on that you will access the table.

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Body temperature control | Breathing technics | Meditation

will be explored on the "Wim Hof Method for Athletes" workshop on Sat the 5th of August in London.
Wim Hof Method for Athletes
Wim Hof Method for Athletes

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The Best Nootropics Of 2017
The Best Nootropics Of 2017

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Caffeine is essential to my everyday life. Whether it'd be in a form of a pill, coffee, or tea.. I need it to function. Theanine, another molecule similar to caffeine, is a great alternative. When I combine the two, it makes such a difference!
Consider adding l-theanine to your next cup of coffee! Learn how this combination synergizes to give you all the energy and focus of caffeine without any of the jitters.


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I'm sharing a major scientific program on aging that I support.

Click on the article below to learn more about it, and check out the fundraising campaign directly.

The smallest donation possible is just $5!!!

Go support this awesome initiative now!

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So, scientists are now using Crispr-Cas9 to bring about a Genetic sex change for mosquitoes, which could stop the spread of the Zika virus. (1) Another article noted that when it comes to humans, CRISPR-Cas9 can potentially be used to edit genes that determine our physical features and maybe even our personality. (2) 

One has to wonder then, if Crispr-Cas9 could actually be used to help the transgender community, and bring about complete, genetic sex changes for these individuals?


(1) The Guardian
Tim Radford -

(2) US News
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