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I can add more princesses

King Uther
-hate magic
-doesn't have magic

Prince Arthur Age 18-20 +King Arthur of Camelot™ 
-need to marry a royal-blood
-like Guinevere
-servant named Merlin
-doesn't have magic

Guinevere +Maleficent J 
-doesn't have magic
-servant of Lady Morgana

Lady Morgana Age 20's
-evil (but doesn't show it)
-wants the throne
-has a half sister named Morgause
-has magic

Morgause Age 20's
-has a half sister named Morgana
-has magic

Merlin Taken +Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle™ 
-has magic
-servant of Arthur
-hot headed, loyal, kind, sweet, wise

Princess Taylor 19 year old +Jazzlyn Carroll 
-has magic
-has servant named Angel

Princess Addie 18 years old
-doesn't have magic
-has a servant named Abbey
-hates magic

Princess Britt 20 years old +Rapunzel of Corona 
-has a magic
-has servant named Chloe

Princess Rose 17 years old +Hollie Fellows 
-has a magic
-has servant named Natalie

Princess Layla 18 years old
-doesn't has a magic
-has servant named Anna
-hates magic

Princess Hailey 20 years old +Celeste Thornsbury 
-has a magic
-has servant named Brenna 

Princess Elisa 16 years old
-doesn't has a magic
-has servant named Liv

Princess Emma 17 years old +Count Draculaura™ 
-has a magic
-has servant named Claire

Princess Emily 19 years old
-doesn't has a magic
-has servant named Erin
-hates magic

Princess Kat +Princess Lilyanna Of Arendelle 

Princess May 16 years old +Sheila Lee 
-has a magic
-has servant named Karen

Princess Kitty 17 years old
-doesn't has a magic
-has servant named Stacey

Princess Grace 18 years old +Megan The Greatest Skater 
-has a magic
-has servant named Ally

Princess Mary 20 years old
-Doesn't has a magic
-has servant named Lexy

Princess Caroline 19 years old
-has a magic
-has servant named Roselyn

Princess Camie
-doesn't have magic
-servant of

Angel +Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle™ 
-doesn't have magic
-servant of Taylor

-have magic
-servant of Addie

-doesn't have magic
-servant of Britt

-have magic
-servant of Rose

Anna +Anna Bjorgman 
-doesn't have magic
-servant of Layla
-likes Merlin and Arthur

-have magic
-servant of Hailey

-doesn't have magic
-servant of Elisa

-have magic
-servant of Emma

-doesn't have magic
-servant of Emily
-hates magic

-have magic
-servant of May
-likes Merlin

-doesn't have magic
-servant of Kitty
-hates magic

-have magic
-servant of Grace

-doesn't have magic
-servant of Mary
-hates magic

-have magic
-servant of Caroline
-Likes Arthur

-doesn't have magic
-servant of Camie

More will be added

ariandris was heading to the library looking for something to read while other girls try to win Arthur's heart. she knew she had no chance to win his heart so she just kept away knowing how women be drawn to stalk him. she stopped in front of the library

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((For +Lizbeth C ))
Name Madison
Age 16
Powers Magic
Good or Bad Good
Crush Merlin
Likes Merlin, Free will, Freedom, Clean Clothing, Hunting, Adventures
Dislikes Uther Pendragon, Evil, Morgana, Dark magic users, Getting ignored by people
Appearance In pic
Personality Kind, Sweet, Loyal, Determined, Outgoing
Bio As she was a young girl she lived in Ealdor. She made a few friend but not many. There was alway a group of people asking for their food. They had to give them their food or they kill us. She heard of a boy leaving the town but she couldn't quiet remember the face of him. Until one day she came to Camelot.....

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Name: Guinevere Pendragon
Age: 20
Powers: none
Good or bad: Good
Likes: Arthur Pendragon
Dislikes: evil
Personality: sweet, kind, generous, and loving. Can be a bitch when pissed off
Bio: was the maidservant of Lady Morgana then I married Arthur and became Queen


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name: Qillathe Amakiir
age: 16
powers (magic only like spells): Alter Self, Calm Emotions, Cure Moderate Wounds, Discern Lies, Endure Elements, Find The Path, Leomund's Secure Shelter, Neutralize Poison, Purify Food and Drink,  & Water Breathing (Note, based off of D&D Player's Manuel, 3.5)
good or bad: More neutral, with good leanings
likes: books, thinking, exploring, and working in a medical tent
dislikes: male chauvinists, monsters, boredom, and close-minded people
appearance: Slim, long blonde hair, dark green eyes, mildly athletic.
personality: Quiet, Bookish, determined, nice to polite people, cold when meeting rude people.
bio: When young, I found my magic, and decided to hide it, using it for subtle needs. When I was bored, in my tenth winter, I started working in the Infirmary, to support the load of sick people. I have been taught how to read, and keep at least on book on me at all times.

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Name: Princess Kitty
Age: 17
Magic: None
Good or Bad: Good
Likes: Cats,Clothes,Being Royal
Dislikes: bullying
Bio: Hi am princess kitty I am 17 years old I love cats and clothes also make up I am very kind and I love having friends I really hope we can be friends


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name: ariandris darkenlor
age: 20 
powers (magic only like spells): she has the ability to communicate with animals, she uses water to create a shield, she can create water animals to be her eyes.
good or bad: good
likes: libraries, forests, horse back riding, walking through the village, making friends.
dislikes: being alone, being forgotten, being ignored, fire, watching people suffer.
appearance  she is a tall but scrawny, she has a gentle face with long black hair and yellow eyes.
personality: she is a very determined, she is very forward with what is on her mind. she is nice only to people she understands. she is very intellectual. she is loyal to her friends and family.
bio: princess ariandris from a kingdom in the north. her parents had small traces of magic which ended up have a slightly talented girl. she was their world. when they found out she had magic they were thrilled and had ariandris learn how to control it. she grew up loved by her people because of how kind she was. when she was summoned by Uther to try and win his sons heart she kindly accepted. she has traveled to Camelot on her horse midnight.  but she didn't come unarmed. she has a small knife hidden in the folds of her dress. ready for anything
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ariandris walks down the market street looking at the shops 
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