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Welcome everyone, to Pokémon College! I've already listed the rules, but in this post I will list any copyable pieces of text you'll need!

Classes: (You may only have 4 of these.)
- EV's and IV's (Maths)
- Catching Pokémon
- Sinnoh Mythology
- Art
- Pokémon Care
- Physical Education

You may also list Occupations, If your OC is 16 or over.
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Might actually be able to be active again lol, school ended for me yesterday.

Aside from that, I wanna go back to the good ol days back when we RP'd as only pokemon

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Finally stole them back from my father

+Shiver Shock​​
+K a m i - B o t - AKA MM​​
Well I took MUCH longer to get my phone then It should have, but I have it know so yeah, urm... im back? I mean I have my state testing all week so I won't really be on much today..

It is sometime around midnight, Swampy (my Mudkip) and i were floating around in a lake near the school while my other pokémon lay in the grass, starring at the stars, you walk up, scaring Char (my Charizard), you...

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Time: 22:45pm

Where: On a hill near school, under the big tree.

Emma sat down, Gracie sitting loyally next to her. Emma looked up to the stars and smiled as they dazzled. She heard a set of footsteps coming towards her - your footsteps. She turned to face you.

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Yay I'm going back to hospital funnnnnnn 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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+Shiver Shock
+K a m i - B o t - AKA MM
Didn't like the original design, tried my own
Deleted because I didn't include my watermark and I didn't like the angle
I tried to remake the sword with my own design, I dont really like it and the camera on my phone doesn't help either....
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Puraimarusafaia's weapons in order
Broadsword/short sword
Great Sword
Spear along with his primal burst form spear

The Sniper rifle/Railgun is there in case I decide to make Puraimarusafaia more modern
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