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Anna: Reserved for  +*Princess Anna* 
Elsa: Reserved for +Kitty Cheshire™ 
Hans: Reserved for +Frozen Prince Hans 
Kristoff: Available
Olaf: Available
Marshmallow: Available
Sven: Available
Duke of Westleton: Available


Rapunzel: Taken by +Fun With Steff 

~Fox 21 Animation~


Anastasia: Reserved for +Ąñăşţăšıą Ğřąñđ Đüçhęšš 

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Name - Anna
Age - 18 in frozen 19 in frozen fever
Gender - Female
Likes - Her family, freedom, romance, chocolate, having fun with her sister,acceptance, appreciation, Olaf's whimsy, sandwiches, krumkake, horse back riding, anything warm, children, kristoff.
Dislikes - Rudeness, restriction, betrayals, being alone, the castle gates closed, Elsa shutting her out.
Appearance - Slender, fair skin, light freckles, rosy cheeks, pink lips, long strawberry-blonde hair, platinum blonde streak (formerly), turquoise blue eyes.
Bio - Unknown
Enemies - Hans, marshmallow (formerly), the wolves.

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Name Robin

Age 14-16

Likes StarFire, Being leader, Showing off

Dislikes Being called Baby Hands and Boy Wonder, Not able to be leader

Appearance Robin wears a red shirt with his "R" symbol on his chest, green sleeves and gloves, as well as green pants and black and grey boots. He wears a yellow and black cape and a black and white mask. He wields weapons such as his bo staff, grappling hooks, and smoke bombs. Robin speaks in a high, raunchy voice.

Personality Robin enjoys being the team leader and is willing to do anything to ensure his position remains the same, such as in Money Grandma where he runs a smear campaign against the others to ensure he is voted leader again. He can be very bossy and is often too obsessed over his work. He is easily angered if the other Titans ignore or even question his orders. However, he can still be fun-loving and silly at times, although he is not very funny and tells really terrible jokes.

Robin is shown to be rather emotionally unstable throughout the series. He has often approached the other Titans in a frantic and troubled manner when he simply needed a ride somewhere in Driver's Ed. He sometimes borders on multiple personality disorder, as he became furious, then very upset in Staff Meeting after the other Titans broke his beloved staff and called it a stick, which he can hear talking to him in his head.

In "Uncle Jokes", Robin is shown as having a need for the status quo to remain the same. The change in the group dynamic causes Robin to go off kilter and develop the entire team's personalities.

He has an overwhelming crush on Starfire, which seems to border on obsessive at times. Robin usually feels overshadowed by his friends because they have powers which makes everything easier for them, leaving him to feel insecure. This was first shown in Driver's Ed when his friends were trying to warn him and he thought they were trying to nag on him about how he can't drive and doesn't have powers. This was mostly noted in the episodes Super Robin and No Power where he complains to the team how it isn't fair how they use their powers to their own advantage, while he has to do more work and feels useless in comparison.

Even in the beginning of Starfire The Terrible, he proclaims that on Monday, the Titans will only be allowed to fight the villains using motorcycles but because he's the only one who actually has one, he probably made the rule so he could the one to take down the bad guys with his strength without his friends taking his limelight. But after taking down Cinderblock, and also getting powers in Super Robin, he became arrogant off of his own pride, but admits that he only wishes to accepted as a hero. Robin has been shown to forget about morals to get want he wants, like in The Date when he kidnapped Speedy so he could date Starfire, and in Artful Dodgers when Robin decided to cheat to win without feeling guilty.

Despite his unstable emotions and selfish moments, Robin still comes through as a smart, strong, driven and confident leader.

Bio As a young boy, Dick Grayson was orphaned by the tragic murder of his parents during a circus performance. The young orphan was adopted by Bruce Wayne, a millionaire business owner who lived a double life as the infamous crime fighter Batman. Bruce had also witnessed both of his own parents murder, so the two became very close.

When he grew older, Dick became Batman's sidekick Robin and spent many years helping him clean up the crime-filled streets of Gotham City. One day, Robin decided to strike out on his own and become a solo hero. Robin decided to become the defender of Jump City. On one occasion Robin along with four other teenage superheroes, worked together to save the city. Because they worked so well together, they formed the Teen Titans, and Robin became the leader.
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Are any characters available for me?

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Name: Elsa
Age: 21
Likes: Anna, Ice and Snow
Dislikes: Hans, Fire
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, Blue dress
Bio: Hi my name is Elsa I Am the Queen of Arendelle I have a sister named Anna I hope we can be friends :)

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Hi, I am Rapunzel the Cute Princess

Name: Rapunzel

Age: 18

Likes: Painting, spending time with my family, Pascal and being out of my tower

Dislikes: Mother Gothel

Appearance: I have very long blonde hair, with grass green eyes.

Bio: I am the daughter of the King and Queen of Cornia. I have healing powers, that I can make people young again. I was taken by Mother Gothel when I was a newborn, so she could stay young forever. I am the only Heir to the throne of Cornia.
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