Hello everyone! I support secondary teachers in Detroit. I'm hoping to connect with a middle school social studies teacher in this community that would be interested in swapping resources and/or collaborating. I know I and the teacher I support, Lauren, would be so grateful! Currently, the most urgent need is support around planning for world history, specifically modifying instructional activities to make them accessible to 6th graders. Lauren uses "Story of the World" as one of her go-to resources for world history narratives. Thank you!!

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Reflecting on your learning from the module, what are your top two to three take-aways and/or next steps?

I'm currently trying to adopt a Blended Learning approach, but I'm not sure how I should handle my notes. I typically lecture 2 days a week. How have teachers changed this part of their program? Some people are telling me that I shouldn't have students take notes anymore and have them explore the curriculum on their own. I personally like the idea of notes because I know exactly what each student is accessing. BUT I also understand that notes are an old way of teaching.

Hello! I am a high school teacher from Prepa TEC in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently I am teaching World History of the 20th for 10th grade students.
Last semester I had a video conference between one of my groups and another one from a high school in Virginia to discuss topics of the class and I would like to do it again any day between February and April. If anyone is interested please send me an e-mail to b.canavati@itesm.mx
The topics seen in this class are, World War I, Russian Revolution, The Great Depression, Rise of Totalitarian Regimes, World War II and the Cold War, as well as Mexican history of the 20th century. Thank you! 

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Resource for teachers covering the Civil Rights Movement this year: Check out We stood Up, a free audio download with original soundbites from leaders like John Lewis, Julian Bond, and Shirley Franklin, who strove for freedom, opportunity and equality during the Civil Rights Movement.

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Pre-Civil War US History Module: Take a few moments to examine the New York state Regents exam below. List 1 -3 pieces of guidance the assessment presents in terms of how you should design or adjust your course.


Hi! I am looking for any great PBL resources for the middle school classroom.

What are three next steps you will take to implement a project in your classroom?

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Have you ever tried a DBQ (Document-Based Question) with your students?  Check out the DBQ Project for an incredible library of DBQs.  Here are some of their samples.

Worried DBQs are just for A.P. students?  You can scaffold DBQs for students grades 4-12! 

Check out their website for information on teacher workshops and more materials. www.dbqproject.com
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