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Deadlines Are a PITA...

I had really hoped to make the release this autumn. The thing is, Fear Of Broken Glass is FINISHED. Edited, done. Just waiting to be delivered. I didn't make the deadline for two simple reasons:

1. I've had too much on my plate, too little time to do what I really want to do: The Elements is my life work.

2. I decided to trash my author's online site, after developing it for three years. That means having to build a new one, from scratch. Yes. a whole new The Elements brand and homepage. Before release.

The Prologue will now be released in January


First off, I need https - a secure site to stand the test of time. The Elements is long haul.

My web hotel runs out in the new year - the renewal fees with the host were too expensive compared to the competition. Web hotels work by getting you in with a cheap initial deal, then wack up the prices. This web hotel was good at the time, but there are other, better, cheaper options now available. Bye bye hotel... bye bye domain. Hello new brand, new world, release with feel good and stay the test of time.

The Elements Project Domain

I wasn't sure having an author's domain is the best way to support The Elements as a project. I've come to the conclusion that the author as a person brand is not as important as having a project that readers want to read, providing readers with material, a universe to explore and something to experience. Instead of promoting myself, I'm only interested in doing the best I can for the project.

The reason why is this: the links in the books to be released have to be stable, even if not permanent. So I decided to forget about the author's site and do what I felt to be the right thing - despite all the extra work. Setup and develop a dedicated 'The Elements' homepage from where the whole project will be developed over a long period of time.

The new site is being developed right now and will include: Overview of books (of course. The idea is to make some money out of this) Overview of characters (linked to from e-books.) Overview of timelines (also linked to from e-books) Development of concept Development of a wiki in time and much more...

I'm working hard to get the site done by the end of 2016 so I can release in the new year.


Read on:

Link to previously pinned post about release:

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All his work is excellent. Enjoy it all.

Wow! I thought I had them all. You have a few more that I have not read. I knew about "RAGE " but not the others. Now I have to get them all and read them. Some how I will get that book too. Clive Barker is another good read but good luck finding him. Patt.

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I am new to Stephen King and I've been REALLY wanting to read and collect his books, and I got four of his books for Christmas (I'll list them off in the poll), and I was wondering: what should I read first? Last?
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"Four Past Midnight"
"The Shining"
"Nightmares and Dreamscapes"
"Four Past Midnight"
"The Shining"

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The books I have.
My Stephen King Books!
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