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Gym leaders must have in their profile:
~A team used on the field
~A team type/similarity
~Badge name
~Gym number
~Signature move given to people who beat you

Elite 4 must have:
~Pokémon type (MUST BE TYPE)
~A team used on the field
~Which elite you want to be (1, 2, 3, 4)

Champion must have:
~A well balanced team to use on the field

People in the league so far:

Gym 1:

Gym 2:

Gym 3:

Gym 4:

Gym 5: gym leader: Lost; badge: Season badge; pokémon type: changes depending on which season, grass for Spring, fire for Summer, dark for Fall, water/ice for Winter; signature move: Giga drain for Spring, Flamethrower for Summer, Foul Play for Fall, Blizzard for Winter

Gym 6: gym leader: +riolu man; badge: aura badge; pokémon type: fighting; signature move: swords dance.

Gym 7:

Gym 8:

Elite 1:

Elite 2:

Elite 3:

Elite 4:


Also, Team Generation employment


Executives (up to four):




Other jobs: 

Name: Rioluman
Bio: A man shrouded in mystery. Some suspect that he's the result of the infusion of Lucario DNA into a human body. He fights for truth and ideals. When not fighting evil he trains in the mountains and occasionally makes appearances as his civilian identity Andrew. Likes: Pokemon, truth, ideals, justice. Dislikes: suffering, evil.
Alignment: lawful good
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 atk 4 spd 252 spe
Close Combat
Iron Tail
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance
Bio: Lucario has been with me from the beginning. Ever since I woke up from the vat of fluid holding me captive. We helped each other master our powers of aura. Now, he's my most valued partner.
Breloom@toxic orb
gender: male
ability: poison heal
nature: careful
EVs:252 hp 4 atk 252 spd
leech seed 
drain punch
Bio: Found on a call to Petalburg woods involving a group trying to exploit the local Pokemon for profit. Breloom(a shroomish at the time) helped organize a resistance amongst his brethren that led to the incapacitation of the group through a combined stun spore. Afterwards he decided to come with me to help fight crime elsewhere.
Machamp@assault vest
gender: male
ability: no guard
nature adamant
evs 172 hp 252 atk 84 spe
dynamic punch
knock off
stone edge
bullet punch
bio: Machamp was found while I was training in the mountains. A rockfall happened trapping me and Lucario inside. Machamp came to our rescue by lifting the rubble away. When we finally came to, Machamp had hopped into one of my Pokeballs.
Conkeldurr@life orb
gender: female
ability: sheer force
nature: adamant
evs: 120 HP 252 atk 116 spd 20 spe
drain punch
ice punch
thunder punch
mach punch
Bio: The only girl in the group and she's a little shy about it. She saw Machamp and for reasons unbeknownst to the group, fell in love with him. They've worked it out now, and are currently in a fairly stable relationship. When not fighting, she can be found with Machamp lifting.

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Name: Skyzor Valor
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Badges: 39
Sexuality: bisexual
Pokemon:Electivire, Feraligator, Machamp, Tyranitar, Steelix, Dialga
Moves of pokemon: Electivire: thunderbolt, zap cannon, focus blast, thunderpunch
Feraligator: hydro pump, surf, crunch, hydro cannon
Machamp: submission, focus blast, dynamic punch, thunderpunch
Tyranitar: dark pulse, stone edge, earthquake, crunch
Steelix: flash cannon, iron head, dig, earthquake
Dialga: Flash cannon, Roar of time, dragon claw, earthquake
Weapon: 13 inch switchblade
Pokemon levels: electivire (93) Feraligatr (97) machamp (89) tyranitar (92) steelix (91) Dialga (96)
Height: 6'1
Weight: classified
Birth Place: Jublife City
Region: Sinnoh
Birthday: 8/4
Relationship Status: single
Likes: money, power, friendship, Regirock
Dislikes: people who gets in his way
Personality: Greedy, insane, friendly, arrogant, violent
Skills/Specialties: skilled at hand to hand combat, especially against more skilled opponents
Backstory: born in Sinnoh, blew things up, beat a level 70 Machoke in hand to hand combat
Bio: born in the Sinnoh region. He tried to become champion, but was defeated by Cynthia.
Strength: 10/10
Speed: 8/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Teamwork: 5/10
Goal: To know all
Speech Characteristic: sounds exactly like Roy Mustang's dubbed voice from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Appearance/Clothing: picture
Eye Color: varies
Hair Color: black
Skin Color: vampiric pale
Fighting Style: fast and brutal
Gear/Technology: Pokegear, Pokenav +
Items in the bag: assorted pokeballs, many medicines, clothes (mainly coats) money
pokeballs: 400 ultraballs, 30 quick balls, 50 timer balls
medicines: 300 full restores, 50 max revives, 80 max Elixirs
key items: bike, dowsing machine, assorted items
berries: none
Hidden machines: all
Technical machines: 50 of them
general items: coats, money
Team: Chaos
Occupation: Info Broker
Theme: Power and Glory, Dragonforce
Battle theme: Through The Fire And The Flames, Dragonforce
Sad theme: Buried Beneath, Red
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