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challenge 1:
octagon-ize yourself

Make your profile picture (or something else if you want) into an octagon.

i will judge, unless anyone asks for mod. anyone who asks for mod and has a valid 8-sided contest submission that i like gets mod.

thank you.

So dead that it makes Hitler seem lively

Wahh ded

the frustration of ios development
all i wanted to do was create a theme that changes app icons

first jailbreak. ok easy
get filza, MTerminal, recommended to get Theos Dependencies, anemone, afc2. ok easy i guess
now make a .theme folder for your theme, then a folder called bundles with your icons in it.
This is the first thing that didn't work
I figured out it was "IconBundles", not bundles, and you didn't need any kind of specific name suffixes
Tried to create a PLIST file so my theme could be configured. didn't work at all
eventually fiddled with it and got it to work, then i put the theme in the themes folder via my computer. easy enough, i've managed my ipad on my PC before
applied in the anemone app, ALL OF MY ICONS ARE UGLY SQUARES
figured out you... have to edit the plist? DAMN
after troubleshooting with the plist file, i finally got the theme to work!

Great, now how the hell do I make this installable?
Well, you have to prepare it in a very specific way.
there needs to be a "root" folder, then two folders, one with the control file inside and one with your theme. ok easy enough, kinda weird
wrote up a control file, had some minor saving issues, but it was cool
then i get an error when installing: dependency "Anemone" isn't installed
i deleted the dependency, that'll work.
Of course not
it corrupted my icon files, had to wipe my iPad. luckily i was on iOS 9.3.5 32bit so it was no big deal.
I tried making it depend on the anemone bundle id, com.anemonetheming.anemone. That seemed to work, filza installed it perfectly. Mission accomplished, i made a debian package (.deb)

Great, now how the hell do I distribute this?
Answer: Make a github repository!
This was annoying to say the least. To say the most would get me banned from google plus.
This needed Github desktop, which was fine. But you have to "label" every change to the master branch you make, which is irritating when all you do is edit one little line. You also have to click two different buttons to edit the github live. annoyingggggg
Also Github pages wouldn't work, but that was resolved quickly. my username didn't match my pages name. whoops
But that's just github problems. Cydia formatting problems were much, MUCH worse.
First, create a debs folder in your github repo, and put your debs in there. easy enough
create a depic folder and put your theme html info file in there. yeah sure
Add assets folder (link blah blah blah) as well. Pretty easy to do
Create a Release file, giving metadata about your source. Why is it called "release"? what?! ehh, doesn't matter, it's basic to do

Then comes the horrors that are the Packages files.
Since I was using windows for development at the time, I had to configure the files manually. I followed every instruction, saved the file, and made it into a .bz2 file using 7zip. The package showed up in Cydia, victory!
Or maybe not. 404 error. :(
So it didn't load. I checked the instructions over carefully and got it to not 404. Now I was getting "hash sum mismatch". What does that even mean
I checked my md5/sha1/sha256 hashes from HashTab (which you also "need") and they were all correct. still the same thing.
I didn't fix this problem until I pulled my source onto my mac and installed dpkg.
Finally, it worked! I could automatically create the Packages file! Take that, Jay Freeman!
The theme downloaded without fail and worked perfectly. Checkmate.

Now we reach updating the theme. You guessed it, it's annoying!
Step 1. test the theme folder manually. I've gotten good enough to stop doing this all the time with every single app
Step 2. Port it to a mac and use dpkg to package it into a .deb. How? I have no idea how!
I had to put it onto my device and run "dpkg-deb -Zlzma Appballs" to package it. What does this matter?
Step 3. Install the deb to make sure it works. It's recommended to remove the manually installed theme folder before this, so...
Step 4. Replace the deb in the repository. Easy. Finally something easy.
Step 5. Run dpkg-scanpackages to update the packages file. Okay
Step 6. Run bz2 to compress the packages file.
Step 7. Push the origin in github desktop.
Step 8. Test it out
but of course, without fail, I get ANOTHER DAMN 404
turns out it didn't process some change, had to push it again.
then it said my system was damaged or something while installing my theme, so I had to install the deb with Filza and then uninstall it in Cydia. This fixed it, the theme installed!

You can also just use "yourepo" or something to create a source for Cydia, but that's lame.

Whew! That was a longer rant.
I can only imagine what developing a Cydia tweak is like

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