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We're back online!

Thank you so much for the patience, you can now log in again.
Just clear your cookies/cache/history for the changes to go into effect.

Concerned about the early shut down? Read this.

We'd like to apologize as of late for not informing you guys about why we shut down a few days earlier than the estimated date.

To begin with, the ad network's late payment process has placed us in a standstill. And with the result of Godaddy's pressure on us to pay them on the 21st (rather than the 25th [as we've paid in the past.]) We had to act quickly and decided to shut down asap. (Hence why some of you were redirected to this page.)

During that time we shut down, we decided to back up the member's information and website files (TONS of photos, by the way.) to ensure there's no data-loss and we can quickly move out the new server once we got the payment from the ad network.

As of right now, however, we'd like to announce that the ad network has issues a payment for today. So either tonight or tomorrow morning, we should be able to move to the new server and provide a better experience. Along with this, we'd also like to announce that we plan to gather investors for [the] Bluth Company so we can no longer face a similar situation as this past two week's events. We'll keep you posted as time goes by. 

Thank you,
[the] Bluth Company 

how is everyone ? this night?

Has anyone read Sweetblood by Pete Hauntman?

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At the moment the LetsRoleplay website is currently offline, we'll be sure to email everyone when we return and post an announcement on this community page and the official Facebook page.
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