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From that which Eye gathered
While the journey Eye forward,
Eye am compelled to never forget,
Even when we turn around,
We are going forward.

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"Telling them the truth will give you "ABlackI"!😮

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Hatred stemming from race is learned but the teaching of diplomacy of keeping those hates in check are null and void.

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Our now national anthem, was a limerick, changed to fit "the times".
Today, America has truly shown evidence of willfully selectively evolving. in the matter of " liberty and justice for all".
The issue of continuing to participate in ceremonial beatings of the mental, are clearer.
Each day Eye & I Rise Up
Wake Up

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Start from the beginning.
Read the WHOLE of it to over stand the "enslaving of the mentality" .
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From there
To here
The first step
Is to go back to the first step
Stop the inequality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.
The end.

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Is lighter, brighter? Intelligence over appearance should respond with a resounding"NO!" but, in the darkest of countries, the lighter the outer, the darker the inners.

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Humanity and my Blackness
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