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With the holidays coming quickly and you are stressed over your debt be it credit cards, doctor bills, collection agencies hounding you, unsecured loans, or any other debt on the personal level. If you own a business and are behind on vendor bills, in collections, suits have been filed or even judgments in place. Now is the time to act. Let the stress of it all be taken away and let us handle the calls. Become the peaceful person you want to be again. Enjoy the holidays without worry. We take the heat for you. You can breathe again. Then secondly we are going to reduce the amount you owe and save you money. No savings, no fees. 25 plus years of experience in the credit and debt world. Please inbox me or email me at for more information. If not you, please re-post and if one of your friends contacts me and says it was from your post, they sign up and you get paid. Easy money to do as you please. Depending on the account, could pay for your holiday gifts this season. Thank you. Re-post and make money,
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Recouping obligation is a testing circumstance for any business, it's distressing, tedious and for the most part closures in dissatisfaction with the indebted person essentially overlooking all solicitations for installment or offering one reason after another. As an organization Commercial Debt Recovery have near 30 years' involvement in the gathering and implementation of exceptional obligations.

Now that the new year is here and most of us are back to work, are you starting to worry about those past due bills? Are the collection agencies calling? Ready for the law suit to be served from the attorney who is after you? Start the new year out right and stress free. Let me handle the calls and deal with those that are owed money. I will also reduce what you owe and save you money. It is all based on your economics and ability to pay. I charge a percentage of what is saved. That way you are always left in a net savings position. This is for both business and consumers. Been doing it since 1991.
If not you, re-post my little post to your friends on any of your social media sites and if one of them signs up, I pay a minimum of $200. If your friends re-post and one of their friends signs up, I pay the both of you.
Feel free to inbox me on Facebook or email me at with any questions. Also like my Facebook page. The Fishman Co.

So, is this where we share ideas on how to generate leads, or talk about some o f the ways that we are helping business owners? I know you are just feeling this G+ thing out, but what is your intention for this particular group?

Having any debt issues?  Anything that you or someone you know that is 90 days past due, in collections, been sued or even have a judgment against them.  Business or personal.  We can help get rid of the issue, reduce the debt to what you can afford per month or cash it out and clean up your credit at the same time.
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