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Hey Guys!! New 1500 IPhone 7 giveaway. Click to join and winners wi be announced live. Don't wait, click and join. They're about to run out

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Who wanna get some cheap dope shoes. There is a website called This website has a lot(not all) of shoes. Also, they some cheap shoes as well. You could get some ovo 12s under a hunnid dollars. I recently copped some space jam 11s and they actually came in perfect condition in the size i needed. Don't trust the app called wish or any of that. is the place to go for some dope js.
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These are some dummy rare Jordans. If you don't know what this Jordan is, just leave this community. These are called the Jordan Tokyo 5s. Trust me, these cost a fortune and they are so rare. Check out my man Prettyboyfredo. He already got them and he'll show you his whole sneaker Collection. HEAT!!!!Β‘!!

Check out my new community in Google+. Search it up, it's called Jordan Giveaways and Reviews. COME THOUGH AND LETS TURN UP!!!
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