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im doing a stream/and a open server game for left 4 dead 2 if anyones interested in joining add me on steam and ill invite the!

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Greetings everyone! - Here comes a game invite!
Today I'd like to invite anyone who plays PC games and owns a copy  Arma 3 on Steam; to come and play with +Wolfy Blue  and I as we comb the dangerous lands of Arma Exile.

I know that 75% of people reading this will probably not own Arma 3 or even be into gaming in the first place. But I'd rather get the word out anyway =3


We will be faced with really tough challenges but as a team we can progress and possibly become a large in-game clan. We will be collecting currency and reputation in order to claim territory. On that territory, we will be able to build our base and make a name for ourselves.

Thus far, Wolfy and I have had some pretty exciting and exhilarating moments and would like more people to join in. We will be on Teamspeak and I will be recording the game for publishing should anything happen that's worth uploading.

So please, if you happen to own a copy of Arma 3, people come and join in on the fun! Experienced players as well as Newbie players are welcome. It'll be fun!

If you don't have Arma 3...
Den I will be sad :<


Some in-game screenshots of mine, here:


If you're interested... Contact me:

- Google Plus

- Steam

- Skype
Username: darkend.templar

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So... A friend sead that fallout 4 is out... Is that ture?

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Recruiting Brony for all across the world to the new crew in gta online MLP Family of Mafia You Can Check the link below i do free aim on tdm and free mode but in mission and heist i do gta aim assist but if you like to check it out
and if your interested join there a few rules that must follow if you gonna join. later 

PSN ID: Rainbows Dash--2

the dust settles
the game is set
the war begins

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Hi, I'm new here!!!

anyone have any suggestions for cool youtube channel names

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