So... it's been years since anyone posted here.. are there any surviving Wurm Players? I have just decided to start my own YouTube channel called WurmLovers where I hope to interview people who play wurm and to make videos about the game, it's quirks and funny points, but will try to keep most of the videos as short as possible ... Please visit my new channel, like, subscribe and all that jazz if you love, like, or are interested in #WurmOnline or #WurmUnlimited ( ) to follow in the steps of the many greats out there such as

+Gamester4life who has hundreds of videos on Wurm alone, as well as others such as

+KatsPurr and great job all of you! #sandboxgames #sandbox #virtualworlds #secondlife #opensandbox #openworld

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What do most of you use to play WO?
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Happy new year!

Is everyone getting those planned task done during the holiday break?

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Listening to the OST while at work ... chomping at the bit for WU to hit Linux ... sigh. <sad panda>

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Wurm Unlimited
Wurm Unlimited

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This is pretty dang exciting stuff. 


Patch notes from today: 

- Rarity, Alt capping, Freedom missions
- The quality increase you receive when using rare items was tweaked and improved again
- You now need 20 fighting skill in order to block teleporting and other effects such as blocking skillgain
- You also need fighting skill 20 in order to conquer Hota pillars
- You now need 21 body control in order to stealth
- A bug where walking onto a tile where someone is stealthed did not properly reveal that player was fixed
- You now need 21 body strength on pvp servers in order to drag a catapult
- You can now complete the missions on the Freedom servers
- You now get the option to spawn on your home server if you die on Elevation.

To get 21 in a skill requires premium, so it looks like free to play alts (and those who are legit) are getting a bit of a hard time lately, but where PVP is concerned it's not really anything new. 


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The Wurm Academy is a fantastic place on Pristine for new players to learn the ropes.  Take a look at Yaragar's blog covering the history of the place.

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Got a neat email from #WurmOnline  detailing some of the changes coming this June. Nice to get something positive from them to counter the 60% price hike. 

Upcoming Wurm 1.1 Release

Hello dear Wurmer!

You will have seen that a lot has happened in Wurm development recently, but we're going to add some icing to the Wurm cake. So we're very happy to announce that, before the end of June this year, we're going to release our Summer Update (v1.1)!

Mac OSX Support

First we must announce that once again we now support Mac OSX. If you are a Mac user who never got to see the Animations then you may be interested in checking them out. The reason is that third party graphics libraries that we use for Wurm have been updated to a new version.

Summer Update 1.1

Alright, so here's what's coming soon to a Wurm near you!

Client Performance

We will start using your graphics hardware better, which will mean a major upgrade in the way Wurm Online is rendered and should have a huge impact on performance. We will maintain backwards compatibility.

New Creature Models

We have already upgraded a lot of the creatures in Wurm Online with new models this year - and we're working on releasing more new models in the update: Troll, Mountain Lion, Crocodile, Huge Shark, Pheasant, Lava Fiend, Hell Scorpious, Forest Giant, Rabid Hyena, Mountain Gorilla.

Abilities and the Karma System

Wurm Online has some pretty special high end rewards and possibilities, such as becoming a Meditation Guru, Dragon Slayer, King, Demigod, or hitting some really rare achievements. Some are possible for newbies right at the start, such as creating fantastic items, and some require a certain amount of skill.

We are now introducing Abilities, a system that makes use of the Karma Points which have been around for a while. You gain Karma Points by consuming the "Source". The Source can be found in Source Fountains, Source Crystals, or by completing the missions on the Epic servers.

You gain an ability as a very rare event. On the Epic Servers, an Ability Item may be handed out as a reward when a Scenario ends, which happens about once per month. On Freedom servers we haven't decided how to distribute them yet, but possibly through treasure hunts.

An Ability Item could be a Tome of Magic, a vial containing smoke from Sol, or a Green Cherry. Each item has three charges and gives the user a special ability. This ability is pretty powerful and could cast a Karma Bolt, set you up for a critical hit, or create a mirror image of yourself. They often have pretty long cooldown and consume quite a bit of Karma so they shouldn't be overpowered.

With every ability comes a title, such as Witch Hunter, Valkyrie or Summoner. If you gain several abilities, this title will change, and eventually you may find yourself called something really special, like Demon Queen or Arch Mage. Eventually we'll add some sort of graphics for them as well.

Epic Endgame Re-Work

The Epic Endgame is supposed to create a "pull" through the game - something to wonder about and explore if you get tired of building your castle or breeding cattle. If you think Wurm is too much of a grind then you should try out the Epic servers.

The Epic missions are quite popular but they have their issues. The rewards are not interesting enough, other effects need to be cleaned up and the missions themselves are sometimes out of place. This summer will bring many improvements in those areas, especially with the Ability Item rewards. You may also find the Rod of Eruption or the Wand of the Seas interesting. The Key Of The Heavens - a mysterious golden puzzle which, if solved, may grant access to Valrei - will be more common as well.

The reward system is designed to let anyone participate and have a shot at receiving these rewards. Even as a newbie, if you are close to where a mission is completed then you gain 1 Karma Point. The first point per scenario is a ticket in the lottery, and you gain a new ticket every 300 points. You do have to be premium though, since our experience is that otherwise the system would be exploited by creating lots of free accounts.

Kingdom Tabards

We'll make it possible to display your kingdom banner with tabards worn on the body.

New Fences

We are introducing new stone, curb, rope and roundpole fences, and even a few magical ones.

Flower Beds and Flower Pots

You will be able to decorate your home with these new features.


If you carry one of these, you can bury your kin or favorite pet in a more decent way.


If you analyse a rock shard (or an ore) it will tell you what it was near before it was mined. The information you get depends on how high your prospecting skill is and the quality level of the shard. We hope this will add more value to the prospecting skill.

Foraging and Botanizing

You can now select categories to look for, and will get more chance of finding something on a tile if you have higher skill. You'll also be able to forage and botanize on more types of tile.

Cross-Server Chat

You'll be able to chat with your friends and other players on different servers.

Modify Existing Structures

Gone will be the days when you had to destroy the whole structure and rebuild it in order to modify it just because you now have more skill. Rejoice! You'll be able to add to or remove tiles from existing structures.

New Music

We're going to add some freshly produced music to the game.


Some of you may have seen images of the drag and drop paper doll our developers have created. This should help a lot with managing items and visualizing wounds.

Inventory Groups

You will be able to create groups of items on the top level in your inventory tree. This should help with managing items. You will also be able to open new windows with them!

GUI/Prettier Action Bar

We're planning on making the action bar a bit more interesting to look at. How, we don't know yet!

GUI Buttons

We'll be changing the current GUI buttons for actions such as climbing to much prettier icons, as a part of our GUI improvements.

Skill Tracker

This is a small widget which will help you track some selected skills.

Things that will hopefully make it:

Diagonal Roads

It seems as if our developers Tich and Saytheb may be able to solve the riddle of creating straight roads through diagonal space. Hold your thumbs!

Sitting, Squatting, Meditation, Praying Animations

This is on the list, not done yet though.

Falling Trees

Our artist Saroman has lots on his hands right now but we expect these to make it into the game.

Yours Sincerely,

Rolf and the team behind Wurm Online
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