So... it's been years since anyone posted here.. are there any surviving Wurm Players? I have just decided to start my own YouTube channel called WurmLovers where I hope to interview people who play wurm and to make videos about the game, it's quirks and funny points, but will try to keep most of the videos as short as possible ... Please visit my new channel, like, subscribe and all that jazz if you love, like, or are interested in #WurmOnline or #WurmUnlimited ( ) to follow in the steps of the many greats out there such as

+Gamester4life who has hundreds of videos on Wurm alone, as well as others such as

+KatsPurr and great job all of you! #sandboxgames #sandbox #virtualworlds #secondlife #opensandbox #openworld 

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I am quite possibly one of ... if not THE ... worst Wurm player out there!

I am currently uploading a video on Youtube so you kind folks can watch it and give tips as to whether or not this is normal or if there are ways I can do any of it better... let me know in the comments below!

#wurmonline #youtube #gaming #gamers #gamerz #games #wurmonline #wurmunlimited #exploration #survival #openworld #sandbox #sandboxgames

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What do most of you use to play WO?
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Happy new year!

Is everyone getting those planned task done during the holiday break?

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Listening to the OST while at work ... chomping at the bit for WU to hit Linux ... sigh. <sad panda>

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is it just me or did release just go down?

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This is pretty dang exciting stuff. 

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