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Thank you for being here, I'm here to tell you all that you need to know! First off, if you haven't read the rules yet, please do.
To show your character please put this information


Thank you and have fun!

-Sans the skeleton

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Name: Kaiya, often goes by K, and never goes by her real name.
Age: 13
Species: Diclonious, Wolf.
Abilities: very quick, and can guilt trip you with her kawaiiness.
Dislikes: bullies, being bothered, ect.
Likes: sweets, reading, being alone.

Scenario: you see K on the roof alone, and decide to go talk to her. shes in your class. and shes usually lonely and quiet. reserved. and usually gets good grades. She has only spoke 2 times, once to answer a question, the other was to ask a classmate for a pencil. you wonder why shes always so Alone, Quiet, and unusually sad all the time...

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Name: Sciaphobia
Age: 30
Spiecies: humanoid version of Sciaphobia (Fear of Shadows)
Abilities: shape shift into anything tbh. Travel very quickly as fog
Dislikes: most foods but chocolate and wine. Randomly unshifting while hunting eaters. Anyone catcalling her
Bio: before She died of suicide, her name was Red. She wasn't liked by most people so her family kept her away from socializing outside and she became lonely. In highschool she's make friends but become their shadow till she had enough and hung herself. This is her now. A woman with a cold dark heart trying to regain the positive emotions she's had as a child. She works for N.S a PDD and tries to make decent friends i guess.
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Devinna: Hello there you guys!!! What's up? Did you all miss me????? 

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About time I made a profile here

Species:a mix of demon angel and dragon
Abilities:fire magic, flight, and teleportation
Likes:outdoors, animals, art, and fire
Dislikes:being bitten, messing up, and the cold
Bio:his father was a demon who had fallen in love with a dragon. he was always a very experimentive child and one day he had came across a few drops of angel blood and had tested it on himself to see what would happen. After a little while he and his 2 brothers came to visit the human realm and they ended up staying. He then made a few friends who would experiment with him. They were testing what would happen if a human were injected with his blood the results were horrific the humans would malform into these weird dog like creatures his friend had accidentally injected himself with the blood and he started to change after he found out he was devastated and he keeps him looking for a cure to bring his friend back not afraid to kill a few people along the way
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Would anyone like to rp? I have 3 oc's links to their bio's will be provided Bellow~ I am a literate Multi-para Roleplayer.


Nuru Imamu:

Wormwood Bleiberg:

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This is what i look like and i raven

Who can i be in the roleplay

I am blueberry

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Aw jeez I had forgot to make a profile for Brandon XD BAD PICA!

Brandon Joseph Brown

Age: 21

Height: 8'5"

Weight: "don't you freaking say anything!"

Species: half man and bear

Abilities: can turn into a large bear, has super amazing hearing, can be REALY FREAKING fast, and has the floofiest hair ever :333

Likes: being the leader B), hanging with his team, seeing pica tiny X3, and being the older brother to his cute younger sister :3

Dislikes: being near the enemy Cole.... And having to result to violence....

Bio: I'll do it later.... I'm lazy.... FREAKING DEAL WITH IT!!!!
(All of my crappy art....)
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