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Saudi Prince Would Like To Spend A Night And Have Children With Ivanka Trump

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A Broken System: Court Of Parents

The Family Law industry has established for itself a special place in the judicial system where it predicates its authority and standing by placing itself above the law — or outside of its view.

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Bill, I don't always agree with views on matters, but It takes true grit,humbleness,and integrity to apologize for the word,that came out of your mouth. I am not black,but years ago my husband and I owned a business and our black employees used the word and my husband fired him immediately. Not too long ago,we. bumped into that man and he thanked us and hugged us for standing up for what we believe in. Respect and intregity. My husband and I clapped when you apologized and I felt it like I felt it when my husband fired,the employee. Eventhough,you are not a believer, God created you and Jesus died for all of us sinners and rose again, so we will not be doomed to hell,we will have everlasting life,when we die. I pray for your heart Bill Mahr and my husband and I will continue to watch your show and your the big reason we pay for it. LOVE YOU and GOD GIVES GRACE TO ANYONE HE CHOSES in the name of my LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

I just wanted to say, as a black woman I wasn't offended by Bill's comment last night. I have been a fan of his since I first saw him on Married...with children, then his comedy specials on HBO, Politically incorrect and now Real Time.
He's insightful. Speaks his truth and his mind, and I have enjoyed every minute of it!
If HBO fires him, I'm cutting it off! I enjoy Vice and Vice News which he produces, and is the only real news out there.
We have all said something that comes back to bite us, he's human...and if they cut him off and out...I lose the only voice out there that says what I'm thinking-much better than I can say it!
Bill, if you see this, I forgive you. Let's move on! Keep the heat on trump and his evil clan!
Thanks for listening to me!

can people share old episodes here?

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A Broken System: Oaths Betrayed In Family Law

“The slippery slope ensues with perjury becoming acceptable and oaths sworn upon by judges and lawyers falling to the wayside — clearing the path for varying degrees of misconduct.”

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Family Law and the Emphasis on Money Over People
Co-hosts Stephen Krasner and Zena Crenshaw-Logal consider the price our society pays when money fuels the U.S. Family Court Industrial Complex. Is it simply illogical for U.S. family courts to be a money-driven adversarial system?


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A Broken System: Unconstitutionality of Family Law (The Good Men Project)

"When you have Judges in these courts free to run amok under the cover of immunity with no real oversight or checks and balances — the notion that laws are applied neutrally and administered in a manner consistent with constitutional rights and protections afforded to individuals is a fallacy."

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How do I get to overtime with bill maher
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