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We are a tick away from Chrome v58 for android supported chrome OS devices, which I still believe will launch Google play store out of beta, and bring the Chromebook Pro with it

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Questions about the experience of Android on Chrome OS

Can anyone help? If you have pictures or videos, even better. If you just answer 1 of the questions, it will be helpful to a lot of people.

1. Do Android apps need to be open for notifications to come through? (ANSWERED: No, they do not. CREDIT: +Randy Jordan)

2. Do Android app notifications actionable (i.e. have buttons to take actions on the notification)?

3. Does the share functionality within android apps work as expected?

4. What does the share menu look like in Chrome OS?

5. Can Android file managers be downloaded and used?

6. If yes to question 5, how does the file manager in Chrome OS link to the android file managers?

7. On Samsung Chromebook Plus, can you set the default pen app to be Keep Android instead of Keep Chrome OS?

8. How are android apps and chrome OS apps distinguished from each other in the app launcher, if I have both versions of the same app installed?

9. Do offline syncing in apps like Netflix, Google Play Music and Plex work?

10. Do chromecasting in apps like Netflix, Google Play Music and Plex work?

11. Could I make a chromebook a full Android machine, by ignoring and bypassing the Chrome OS file manager and the Chrome Browser, and using the Android versions of everything exclusively? Or is there somethings that will always send me back to the Chrome OS versions by default?

12. Can Android app windows be resized freely?

13. Can Android apps be snapped to left and right of the screen?

14. Can I autobackup photos to Google Photos?

15. Can Microsoft Office apps be installed from Play Store?

16. If yes to question 15, if I open a DOCX file from the Chrome OS file manager, does it know to associate that file format with Microsoft Word? I assume opening from an android file manager will know about the association to Microsoft Word?

17. Do the network and network settings of Chrome OS permeate through to Android, or vice versa. (ANSWERED: No, it does not. Both have their own network environment. CREDIT: +Randy Jordan)

18. What are the well-known android apps or games that just can't run on Android on Chrome OS at the moment?

+Chrome Unboxed an you assist with this as well? There is so many small things about Android on Chrome OS that is just not in the public eye at this moment

As I think of more, i'll update the above list of questions, and I will comment in this post, so that anyone following it, can be alerted to the added question.

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Chromebooks are now being sold as "End of Life" items in some stores in my local town, meaning they are a discontinued item....

I am in Australia

Are you seeing the same thing where you are ? #EndOfLife   #Chromebook  

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ICYMI on Friday, we took a quick look at the upcoming #materialdesign  revamp of +Google Chrome's internal downloads page.

It's coming along a treat! 

#chrome   #google  

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Hmm I wonder what they are doing with #GooglePlusPhotos  

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Many thanks to +Kamal Tailor  and everyone else who helped to solve this problem.

If you have not been told yet, Google has changed their "phone" situation. Kamal gave me a link to the NEW GOOGLE VOICE program and if you want your phone back, just go to this link and follow their directions;!forum/voice
This will get you up and running with a new phone system. It is different. You will be given the choice of choosing a NEW PHONE NUMBER or of using one of your other current phone numbers but it is a whole lot different than what you are used to. Good Luck and, again, thanks to all who helped.

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Don't like Chrome's new Bookmarks Manager? Here's how to disable it and get the old version back.

We wrote this article last year when the feature hit Beta channel users. Now Chrome's new Bookmarks Manager has rolled out to pretty much everyone, Stable channel users will find it useful, too.  

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Don't like 'em? Here's how to get rid of them. 

(Or, if you did, how to get 'em back!)
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