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Updated to 1.63.0 as usual
Sorry for delays guys, a lots of work last weeks.

I am getting FC issues on my 240x320 Samsung Galaxy y (GT-S5360),What can i do? Forgot to say : I downloaded the latest version. And Still not working :'( .

Getting FC on my Lg E400, any help?

Any dashing lad left?
We have an update here:
Migrated to 1.53.3, as promised.

Migrated to 1.52.1

I will track statistics of broot usage and keep migrations going on before active users amount reach zero.

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Scanner v1.50 is already available via localappstate.db trick(BUT NOT YET ROLLING OUT).
Maybe +Nikolay Kharitonov would like to have a look earlier:

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Hello everybody, how you doing? I hope you're alright. Today I got an amazing hint from an Ingress player that maybe will help anyone here that got the warning email like me. If youre ROOTED with android 4.2 or up you can upscale the resolution of your device with this app: and make the game playable. I'm on gingerbread actually so I can't test this app but if anybody can I'll appreciate a little feedback.

Some of my community players have told me that they got the warning today. Funny thing is that one of them didn't even use IITC or BROOT since more than two months ago...

Definently, seems that NIA has a monkey banning people randomly...

And I will say only one more thing, I wish that you all that say the broot users are cheaters get the warning by mistake too, so you can finally see how crappy is NIA becoming xD

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Account terminated. I've used broot on my Galaxy Nexus since level 5 and iitc mobile with another account. Adios broot! sigh r.i.p. agent fabryzz l8. ps: I haven't received any warning before this permanent ban

account terminated

Got a ban today (without warning!), however I haven't used the client for a week:)
I used only the animation disabling features (no iitc, fast recycle etc). Therefore I guess NIA gathers information from the following sources:
- checking whether or not a user regularly downloads the official client from Play 
- collecting names from blogs, G+ communities (like this)

Bottomline: without this mod, I could not play this game at all on my low-end device. Thank you for the continuous efforts.

Thoughts: I hope one day the official developer team considers user's opinions and requests and they will hire better-skilled programmers to create a reliable android application.

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The world around you is not what it seems! :)
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