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How to find Device from chrome use javascript?

Anyone knows if there is a roadmap for this feature or Google has already pulled the plug?

Before Google pull the plug, just time for a quick question. Does anybody have any good resources for using Web Bluetooth with Service Workers?

Does the security model allow me to reconnect to a device without needing the user action? I'm expecting not, but it would make for a nicer UX

I've been trying to get web-bluetooth to work with a device that uses the Nordic UART Emulation service and I've been experiencing vastly different web-bluetooth behavior on different operating systems (same device). The demo allows for discovery/connect, enabling notifications on a characteristic and writing to a WriteWithoutResponse characteristic.

The behavior I'm seeing:

Windows (v70.0.3538)
- Filtering UUIDs doesn't work (have to use acceptAllDevices)
- Often have to requestDevice twice in order to get scan results
- characteristic.writeValue hangs, once it returns, device disconnects
- Disconnect returns: "NetworkError: GATT Server is disconnected." and doesn't disconnect from the device

MacOS (v70.0.3538)
- Disconnect returns: "NetworkError: GATT Server is disconnected." and doesn't disconnect from the device

- Enabling notifications returns: "Gatt Error Unknown"
- Disconnect returns: "NetworkError: GATT Server is disconnected." and doesn't disconnect from the device

- Everything works as expected

Is anyone else experiencing inconsistencies? I'm running the same code on each platform against the exact same device.

Hi, I've been working a bit on a BLE Web API implementation, and I hit the "user gesture required" Security Error (once again). I can understand that the BLE api can only be invoked from a button, but I can equally understand that you might need to fetch some info first, before invoking the BLE pairing. e.g.

.then(function(response) {
filters: [{
services: // and array of service to filter

Seeing that the "onclick" trigger is invoking an asynchronous resolve, it will throw you the "user gesture required" error. Or am I missing something here?


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Amazing!!! we are trying it at and it works wonderfully!
The Chrome team aims to ship Web Bluetooth for Windows 10 in Chrome 70 (Stable in October 2018).

You can try it today by running Chrome Canary ( with the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features flag and let us know if you stumble upon any bugs. Huge thanks to Jan Wilken Doerrie for building this:


Does web Bluetooth support Bluetooth 5 yet? If not, is there a plan or time line when it will?

I'm having difficulty performing a DFU process on Windows 10 that works on all other platforms. I'm seeing a 'Gatt operation already in progress.' error even when the download is paused for a 1/2 second between buffers. Any idea what could be causing this?

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