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Here's how to get started with the Web Bluetooth API:


- Interact with Bluetooth devices on the Web


- Control a PLAYBULB candle with Web Bluetooth (require PLAYBULB Candle)
- Interact with Bluetooth devices on the Web with Polymer


- Progressive Web App Summit 2016
- Google I/O 2016
- Chrome Dev Summit 2015
- Web Bluetooth (100 Days of Google Dev)


- Device Info
- Battery Level
- Reset Energy
- Characteristic Properties
- Notifications
- Device Disconnect
- Get Characteristics
- Get Descriptors
- GAP Characteristics
- Device Information Characteristics:
- Alert Level Characteristic:
- Discover Services & Characteristics:
- Automatic Reconnect:
- Read Characteristic Value Changed:


- Bluetooth Rename Tool
- Bluetooth LED Display
- Bluetooth Printer
- Bluetooth Racing Cars
- Bluetooth Toy BB-8
- Bluetooth Toy Plane
- Heart Rate Sensor


- Get Started With Web Bluetooth
- Web Bluetooth Developer Studio Plugin


- <platinum-bluetooth> Polyment elements
- web-bluetooth-utils npm module
- angular-web-bluetooth Angular Module

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Ricardo Cabello aka Mr.doob has hacked the Daydream VR controller to work with Web Bluetooth and it is pretty pretty cool!


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We can now stop receiving GATT Notifications in the latest Chromium build for Mac. has been updated as well to reflect this change.


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Did my Web Bluetooth talk at DCJS tonight and it was really fun. Several people said they were surprised to learn the Web could do that.

I started out by doing a little "magic trick" where I had someone draw a card and type it into a terminal after I put my phone in airplane mode and then served it over a GATT characteristic to a page on my phone and "read their mind".

Here's the slides from the talk:

Hi, has anybody tried to connect a bluetooth fingerprint sensor via Web Bluetooth? 

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A Web Bluetooth API shim is now available in noble, the most popular Node.js BLE central module. It allows you to webpack/browserify noble without the need for a WebSocket server or other plugins.

Thank you +Luis Montes!
Your work is much appreciated.


Hey All - I'm giving a lightning talk on Web Bluetooth at the DCJS meetup this Thursday (2/9/17). I'm hoping to get some folks excited or at least informed about some of the awesome stuff going on with the Web Bluetooth API and I was hoping I could get answers to a few background questions from folks in the mix on this exciting API (thank you all for your hard work if you work on any of the UAs implementing or considering this).

1. It's a lightning talk, so I don't have a long time but any "gotchas" you can think of to include in the presentation? (requires https, user action, etc.)

2. The "Big Question": What kind of time "scale" are we looking at before this API comes out from flags (just want to give the audience a general sense): My guesstimate would be about 9 months for Chrome, 16 or so for Firefox/Edge and maybe a couple years+ for Safari - does that seem about "ballpark"? I hope not to offend anyone with the question, but since the audience are largely practicing web devs, I'd like to give them a pragmatic answer/warning on "When will this be relevant to me?". Are those "origin trials" still happening?

3. Integration with Permissions API: I noticed while tinkering that "getting back" a device you already connected with on the UA side is a little clunky (unless I'm doing something wrong, you have to go into settings and delete the device before you can "get" the device again) - I see from reading the spec that there is supposed to be something to do with the Permissions API that will allow the UA to recover devices it already has permission to access, but nada so far AFAICT - any ballpark estimates on when that might emerge?


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I'd like to share with you our goals for the first quarter of 2017.

Keep in mind that these include stretch goals (we anticipate achieving about 70% of these goals).
This is implementation work, not shipping dates (ships as much as 3 months later based on when code lands).

- Resolve previous and discovered bugs and small polish issues
- macOS feature parity: notifications, descriptors read/write.
- Start Windows 10 implementation
- Layout Tests refactored to use dynamic mocks & prepared for upstreaming to Web Platform Tests.
- Onion Soup (


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What's new in Chrome 56? Web Bluetooth of course!


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Bluetooth GATT Descriptors are coming really soon now! The proof is that you can already get them in Chrome Dev. Note that reading and writing values are not there yet.

Give it a try at 
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