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Here's how to get started with the Web Bluetooth API:


- Interact with Bluetooth devices on the Web


- Control a PLAYBULB candle with Web Bluetooth (require PLAYBULB Candle)
- Interact with Bluetooth devices on the Web with Polymer


- Progressive Web App Summit 2016
- Google I/O 2016
- Chrome Dev Summit 2015
- Web Bluetooth (100 Days of Google Dev)


- Device Info
- Battery Level
- Reset Energy
- Characteristic Properties
- Notifications
- Device Disconnect
- Get Characteristics
- Get Descriptors
- GAP Characteristics
- Device Information Characteristics:
- Alert Level Characteristic:
- Discover Services & Characteristics:
- Automatic Reconnect:
- Read Characteristic Value Changed:


- Bluetooth Rename Tool
- Bluetooth LED Display
- Bluetooth Printer
- Bluetooth Racing Cars
- Bluetooth Toy BB-8
- Bluetooth Toy Plane
- Heart Rate Sensor


- Get Started With Web Bluetooth
- Web Bluetooth Developer Studio Plugin


- <platinum-bluetooth> Polyment elements
- web-bluetooth-utils npm module
- angular-web-bluetooth Angular Module

Does web Bluetooth support Bluetooth 5 yet? If not, is there a plan or time line when it will?

I'm having difficulty performing a DFU process on Windows 10 that works on all other platforms. I'm seeing a 'Gatt operation already in progress.' error even when the download is paused for a 1/2 second between buffers. Any idea what could be causing this?

Hi all. What is the status for the implementation on Windows? Any info is appreciated. Seems like it's re-worked, but I don't have any more info then that.

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This, of course, reality you can actually do this things with the help of Web Bluetooth and IOT .these kind of tools could really improve people’s quality of life. Connect with the best doctors in the country is possible and a few clicks away. That’s exciting—the Web Bluetooth is a game changer for healthcare and no longer being limited to where you live.

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Hi there. Are you experiencing problems with web bluetooth on Windows?

Checking on the implementation status:

Seems like Windows 10 should be available now:
Windows: Requires Windows 8.1 or later.
To discover devices the user hasn't yet manually paired, requires Windows 10.

But my device #tokymaker in still can not be discovered in the device list.

Any suggestions?


I'm new to web bluetooth. I am writing an app using a a ble thermometer, and when I read the value from the characteristic I get the same data every time. I saw the same thing when I wrote a UWP application. In that application, which is c#, I had to change the bluetooth cache mode to uncached. Is there a way to do this with web bluetooth?

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Just thought I'd post this up: Pixl.js is a small, power-efficient microcontroller with JavaScript, a display and Bluetooth LE built-in. Not only can it be programmed with Web Bluetooth via but it implements most of the Web Bluetooth spec on the microcontroller itself, so you can use the same code to make it control other devices as you would on a Web Bluetooth website.
Pixl.js - Espruino
Pixl.js - Espruino

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At we are using Web Bluetooth pretty nicely on Mac and Android!
For Windows we had to keep using our ElectronApp, since discovering the devices does not seem fully implemented yet.
Come on! we are almost there! :)

Has anyone experimented with the Sphero "Force Band" device? It's on Meh today, and looks like an interesting BLE device.

I know there was some work done with the Sphero BB-8 a while back...
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