Piney Woods Gamers is running a table fundraiser to tournament to raise the money to build our tables. On July 27th at Bad Wolf Gaming in Lufkin Tx. We will be running  tournament this day one is a 35 point steamroller, The entry fee for the tournaments is $20.00 and this will include entery . There is also going to be door prizes and a raffle. There will be pizza also included in the price ( so I will need a head count to have the pizzas ordered ).
Rules for the 35 point steamroller tournament:
1. Army Lists
[2] Lists Required – Players must bring exactly X army lists
and must play each army list at least once during the event.
Characters Unrestricted – Models/units with FA C can be
included in more than one list.
2. Painting
Baseline – Painted armies are not required.
3. Game Time
Casual Time Limits – Use the baseline round, turn, and
extension length of the event with the next-higher point size
round time of 100 minutes
turn length 10 minutes
extension length 5 minutes
4. Baseline – Assassination Victory, Scenario Victory, Control
Points Tiebreaker, Army Points Remaining Tiebreaker, Army
Points Destroyed Tiebreaker Victory

5. Final Standings
Baseline – If there is no clear winner at the end of the
tournament, use the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker followed
by Control Points and then Army Points Destroyed.

Alright I have talked to Thomas Heath and we have a tentative date of the 27 of July set. We ate going to hammer out the rest of the details over the next week. So as of now I'm going to run two different events on this day one us a 35 point steamroller the other is a 25 point "Who's the Boss?" tourney. I'll be getting the info posted on the rules set for the tournaments in the next two week, as well as the cost for them. There well be pizzas for all as part of the fee paid. So I'll be needing a head count of everyone that us going to try and make it.

Ok I'm getting ready to set up our first tournament day at Bad Wolf Gaming, will be talking to Thomas Heath about what day. I need everyones input on the day it will be set up on eitherJune 29 or 30 last weekend of the month or July 6 or 7. I will have to clear the date with them first. My plan is to talk to Thomas about it Tuesday, so if you have input for it get back with me this weekend.
I will be organizing the event and will be looking for two people to help with rulings and table set ups.
It will be a 35 point steamroller mire info to follow. And a 25 point Who's the Boss? tournament. One entry fee for both. This will be our fundraiser tourney for the tables.

ok finally i got the chance to figure up all of the stuff from last season and the standings are
John Dorsey with 93 points at first place
Gary 2nd with 63
Jon Green 3rd with 44
Josh Jackson 4th with 42
Chris Thornton 5th with 35
Seth Hamilton 6th with 31
Josh Brown 7th with 29 ( more games in )
Sparky 8th with 29
Kamron Ray Green 9th with 24
Dwayne 10th with 15
Epic John won $30 store credit and a medal
Gary gets $15 store credit and the second medal
Now time to get ready for season three and our first steamroller tournament to come so hold in there for info to follow soon

I would like to get a head count for tonight. I know Gary is out of state, me and Dwayne should be there and maybe kamron. Oh and i need everyone's sheets for the league that I don't already have.

Had to check in! I keep forgetting that this is here, need to get everyone else on here as well.

As of now it looks like E John is going to be the winner of this season with 93 points

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Game with kamron he won.
25 points
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