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I think you should make this a stand alone project, Have the same functionality of the web interface but not have DNS involved.

I am pretty sure more people would be more interested in what their bandwidth over time is and not having to run their own DNS server.

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I'm having this issue with "speedtest-cli", how can I fix it?

I get an error on mv
mv: cannot stat '':no such file or directory.

Sorry I ama noob at linux commands

The latest (July 23rd) update of might have an extra " on line 36.

Thanks for the select your own server works great!

is there a way to flush the Speedtests logs?

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Hi, I am currently having an issue where the graph is showing no results in the dashboard. Under the speedtest tab I can see the results of the speedtests. I am running Pi Hole from Ubuntu.
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the web interface update won't work with the speedtest mod right now, as the interface will say out of date when you run pihole -up

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Regarding speedtest, The speedtest itself is running but not showing up in the pihole portal. Getting an "unknown error occurred while loading the data" I saw this: and followed those steps but still getting same error. Anyways, thanks a ton for this tutorial and for putting this together. :)
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