Is there a way to use this script but let the speedtest run on another server? My Pi only achieves 97 Mbit but I have an 400 Mbit connection. My Synology diskstation easily reaches the 400 Mbit with speedtest-cli.

ssh name@server -t './speedtest-cli' works, I get an result.

So I tried installing and modifing the script and changed the cmd="speedtest-cli $opts" line to use the speedtest via ssh. It kinda works, it opens a connection, does start the speedtest-cli but then closed the connection and the script can't read the values.

Is there an easy way to do this? Maybe I am overlooking something. Thank you!

Has anyone tried the speedtest with v4 of pihole?

I would like a to be able to have a speed test run every hour everyday between X and Y hours. The reason being is I play games at night so the brief lag spike every hour results in a few deaths or communication issues with people in my party.

I installed the Speedtest integration and see the Speedtest button on the lefthand column which shows results but I am not getting the graph on the Dashboard. I've also noticed that when I click on Settings, it just loads to a blank page.

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Love the speedtest integration. I just have a question about the speedtest. WhenI run the speedtest directly on the desktop I consistently get a return of 915mbps down and 60 mbps up.

However when the automated PiHole Speedtest runs with the same server. the speeds are about half in the downloads.
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Love the mod but can't figure out why my speeds suck so bad on the pi.

I can pull 180mbs from my desktop and other linux systems on my network but for some reason the pi tops out around 30.

Anyone else experiencing this? I'd really like to track my speeds but can't do it with it like this.

I really like the first version, without the dates at the bottom of the graph, just the time. Could you possibly just point me where I can self edit to remove the current date? It would match the current pi-hole version which only keeps the last 24 hours.

Hi all,
I freshly installed the speedtest mod (the "old way" finally worked"), but find that some times the speedtest just does not start (or does not give a result?), so in effect the speedtests are not run hourly).
pihole -a -sn works and gives an entry in the db and log...
Any ideas?
(Pi-Hole 3.2.1 on DietPi on Rapberry3)

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No website data. Everything appears correct. Running pinhole v3.2.1 and grabbled/installed the speedtest code. Can run pihole -a -sn no problem. Can see the see the Graph in the webui but no data. Have tried various intervals/days but graph is empty. Screenshot attached. Any ideas?

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I have the latest version of PI-Hole
Pi-hole Version v3.2 Web Interface Version v3.2 FTL Version vDev-437af07

everything I did according to the instructions :
A speed test tab did not appear in the menu :-(
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