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Welcome to my community, Enigmas & Pseudoscience in the Bible. It is a pleasure to have you here and I invite you to check out our community. This page is meant to share with you an incredible world where science, supernaturality, the Bible and the logic of a zetetic believer meet. This community is all about exploring what most people would immediately dismiss as complete myths regarding "pseudoscience" at the light of scientific analyze. Finally, we shall strongly consider the most accurate and trustworthy record ever known in man's history; the Bible. All its pages in the New & Old Covenants give a far different version about EVERYTHING from cover to cover. It's the instruction book for life that answers in detail the 4 great questions of life and explains what happened, what is happening and what shall occur from Creation and the flood to the last times and what happens in the afterlife.
Perhaps it is no wonder that it also mentions several amazing monsters and fascinating facts that weren't discovered until only recent times and have changed the way we view science and history. What you will find out by reading it is absolutely amazing.
Seekers of Truth: that's right ! I myself have experienced this many times before !
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