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Can somebody help me with a minecraft eervwr name for my survival Server??

My idea for a server : make me builder xD

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what should Fire blade have in her server?
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A Fire castle?
A Lava slide?

you know how they have servers in Club Penguin? Well I can make all of that in Minecraft! like Have each server in each biome

I want L for Leeeeeeeeeeeeee X to join cuz I am working on a Bear Server just for him!

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This is not a server! this is just a idea for having a little fun in the Nether that I made! PS. This could be a server I mean,Cheese server???

It would be cool if they had a orange server! Wait they have a Annoying Orange server already! well I am sure he wont join this club but I could invite him

you could name a server named the Roblox And Beanie Dude server! and have every thing based on ......well you 
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