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I'm siting under something that looks like a tree and read a book and mumbling to myself
(( +Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski and anyone else but please ask))

is anyone going to ever rp on here?

Name: Anastasia
Age: 27
Appearence: wears a black Leather Jacket and camo jeans, one Blue and one green eye, Red hair. 5'6"
Personality: Very Secretive., mean when her temper goes off, very kind heart, Loves animals and to help other.
Bio: orphaned at a young age. she has no clue who her parents were and she was adopted by Dipper and Mabel's parents at age 13.
Likes: do art and play video games with friends
Despises: Fish.

i have one question... can our person be a diffrent species yet from hell?

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Name: Rosetta
Age: Questionable
Appearence: Almost always in a red tie, black button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up, jeans and navy blue converse. Also has six arms I guess?
Personality: Imagine your normal hipster, and remove the douchebag-iness
Bio: Very Questionable. They refuse to speak of it, and only Mephistopheles knows. (Let me know if I have to change this part)
How he/she died: Murder-Suicide
Likes: Food, Friends, and the occasional mass murder session
Despises: Unreliable sources, holes considering she fell into the same hole her dead victims were in
Abilities: Dark magic, summoning, above average skills in hand to hand combat
Job: currently unemployed, but that'll change.
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Name: last I checked, it was Jonathan
Age:  teen
Appearence: fabulous 
Personality:  very little of it
Bio:  goes to school. is haunted. goes home.
Likes: sandwiches
Despises: pretty much everything else

i did my best.


Name: Aros

Age: 18

Appearance: wears a black pants,green shirt,black gloves,spikey hair and blue shoes

Personality: happy and cheery

Bio: really good at fighting with friends. Got separated from his brother sora. Is a keyblade wielding master.has a dark counter part called dark aros.

How he died: being consumed by darkness

Likes: sea salt ice cream, friends, other members of kingdom hearts

Despises: bad people,heartless,organization 13, nobodies,unversed and suspicious people.

Abilities: magic, dark magic, dark enraged power, flying,teleportation.

Job: to stop heartless at all cost

Hello! :3

Hey +Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski this seems like it will be fun Alice and me both smile
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