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Lock Repair: When a lock has been damaged it can causes other problems and headaches for those individuals who need access to a room, building, or home. When keys no longer open a lock it may be damaged. When this situation arises its best to call in the professionals!

Key Repair: Though keys are made from durable materials, older keys, frequently used keys, and battered keys will wear down and sometimes break. In many cases a new key isn't necessary and the key can be repaired. If you have a key that has worn down bring it to us and we'll restore it to working order.

Lock Maker: Many customers come to us looking for custom locks for their homes and for things they'd like to keep as secure as possible. For these reasons we offer lock maker services to both individuals and businesses.
Call us now at (647) 478-8571 for more information regarding our locksmith services. Our representatives are waiting for you on the other line. They will provide you answers to all your security questions and furnish you a free locksmith estimate on the job as well.
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