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Challenge Dragon is the premier real-time multiplayer platform for Skill Based Mobile and Web games. Challenge Dragon enables the masses to compete in tournaments for cash prizes inside 100% Skill based games.

Challenge Dragon only offers cash competition tournaments in games that are provably Skill-based, and much like chess tournaments, golf tournaments, bowling tournaments or marathon, Challenge Dragon's tournaments are legal in most countries around the world.

The players:

1. Pay a tournament fee
2. Compete against each other in a 100% Skill based game
3. The winner receives the winnings from the 100% Skill based tournament

From marathons to golf tournaments, cash competition tournaments have a long and celebrated cultural history, which Challenge Dragon extends to web and mobile skill based games. Challenge Dragon allows players to compete for more than bragging rights by adding cash competition tournaments to skill-based web and mobile games. Challenge Dragon makes fair and meaningful competition accessible to everyone, giving mobile players the recognition they deserve.

Anyone can play Challenge Dragon tournaments for virtual currency, but only players who are 18 years or older can enter cash competition tournaments.

Hi, sir...I'm Helen.

Can I know how to start earning cash..untill now I can't earn cash only energy n points..tq
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