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Dragon Mana

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Django has a thriving community that you can engage with as you begin your Django journey.
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Hi, What is the best online courses for Django? And the best e-book?
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Omar R
Hi. You should try first the Django Girls Tutorial. After this videos
And finally I think a great books is: Django By Example by Antonio Mele
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Hello Everyone!

I'm doing a project and using django inlineformset_factory, but don't work.

I'll paste my code of pastebin:
my html


my snippet of form:
HoraFormSet = inlineformset_factory(Digi_Usu,Hora, fields='__all__', extra=1)

my js custom

$(document).ready(function() {

addText: "Add Hora",
deleteText: "Deletar"

The field show, but when I'll save, just one field is saved on my db.

I saw a problem is the fields don't work correctly, TOTAL_FORMS don't update val().

And Id always have id="id_hora_set_0_hora", every time of my add other field.
code of html inspected

Someone have any idea or help.

Already try every type of tutorial, demo, code snippets, but nothing has been good for my project

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Avav Smith

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Python A-Z™: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises!
#django   #python  
Programming In Python For Data Analytics And Data Science. Learn Statistical Analysis, Data Mining And Visualization
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Hi all,

I've been trying to build a piece of software myself for scraping websites, however I can't even seem to get the programs installed - let alone code the thing...

I need someone with expertise to simplify a problem that affects small online businesses and provide a solution. Putting your passion into this project will provide a large amount of value to my clients.

It’s all about scraping information from 3rd party websites and comparing it to another website.

I’m looking for 2 things:

1. An experienced developer that can implement and finish project on time

2. A developer who can reduce the app to a key features to get a prototype program working within 2 weeks.

With that said I would like to invite anyone who would like to work on a project to be written in Python or Django.

This project is simple but solves a very real problem for small businesses in the industry.

The job is remote. Ideally, I would like to have someone from the UK as then I could meet them face to face however that will not bias my decision.

Let me know if you’re interested and I will send over further information and a project plan.

Either PM me directly or email: and I’ll get back to you asap.
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Okay thanks I will. I hadn't realised there is an issue with it
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Shivendra Singh

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I don't get warm with the article. While reading it I did not really find out where the "war" is and some parts are comparing apples with pears. A good example would be the two architecture graphs, they show very different views on both frameworks.
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Avav Smith

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Django Application inside a Docker Container
#django   #docker  
I have a Django application that I want to dockerize it for local development. I am also new to Docker, might not be suitable for your production environment
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It'd have been nice if the writer had posted a link of where to read and know about docker for people (like me) who don't know what's it is and why it's used.
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Several websites nowadays include logging in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e.t.c instead of filling the register form and there are some libraries that can help one integrate those kind of authorizations on a web app.

How did those websites make that possible? i.e allowing other websites to be able to get some user's info directly from them when creating account instead of having to fill it again, how do they handle the security too? I'd like to know how everything works cause I'm trying to work on a project and I'd like people to be able to register/log in to other websites by just clicking a login with "my website name" link.

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7 comments Django OAuth Toolkit can help you providing out of the box all the endpoints, data and logic needed to add OAuth2 capabilities to your Django projects. Django OAuth Toolkit makes extensive use of the excellent OAuthLib, so that everything is rfc-compliant.
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Hey everyone! Maybe this is the wrong community for my question, but anyway. I have a Django website and I want to separate the media files in their own server. I've read that nginx is perfect for such cases, but if there's something better, please tell me. Do you have any idea how to do this? Tutorials on the nginx website seem to assume you know a bit about the system and I'm a bit confused...
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That's what I ended up doing actually: save on the django server, ftp it to the media server, delete from the django server. But thanks!
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The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Pavan Kumar

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Django has long been tied to the request-response pattern, but the upcoming ""channels"" project changes this and allows Django to natively support WebSockets, running tasks after responses, easily handle long-polling and more. Come and learn about the design, how we're trying to keep things as Django-like as possible, and how you can use it in your projects.
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Douglas Mendes

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Hello Guys! I want do a Edit in inlineformset-factory, someone know how can I do it?

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Hi +Douglas Mendes, I drop you a comment at your stackoverflow question.
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Mike Hibbert

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I have a model named AffectedSegment which is used for store a corporal segments selection. class AffectedSegment(models.Model): SEGMENTO_ESCAPULA = 'Escápula' SEGMENTO_HOMBRO = 'Hombro' ...
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Rohit Chopra

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i am creating a multi-level marketing website in which user a parent and childs like a tree. and each user have a refrence link which they share with others to build their network . refrence link will redirect them to registration and add the new user to child field of user whose refrence link is used to register the new user.and this refrence link must be unique for all users. i want to create that refrence link that can be used by new users to register. i have created

from django.db import models
from django.conf import settings

def upload_location(instance, filename):
return "%s/%s" %(, filename)

class profile(models.Model):
username = models.OneToOneField(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL, default=1)
name = models.CharField(max_length=120)
dob = models.DateField(auto_now=False, auto_now_add=False)
image = models.ImageField(upload_to=upload_location,
height_field = models.IntegerField(default=0)
width_field = models.IntegerField(default=0)
contact = models.BigIntegerField()
parent = models.OneToOneField(
default = 1,
child = models.ManyToManyField(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL, default=1, related_name='child')
refrence_link = models.URLField(max_length=200, null=True)

def _unicode_(self):

def _str_(self):
i have no idea how to create this refrence link.

from django.conf.urls import url, include
from django.contrib import admin

urlpatterns = [
url(r'^accounts/', include('registration.backends.default.urls')),
i am using django-registration-redux for registration.
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how can i create that refrence link?

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Hi everyone,

I started to learn django for a certain project. I want to generate a pdf file depending on the values the user entered in a form. This form consists of one text input field. The user types a drug name and suggestions appear with the help of an autocomplete function. The user then presses enter or clicks on an "add" button. The drugs that the user initially searched appear in a textbox (like when you add tags to a youtube video). At the end, the user submits the form and the data is processed.

This website has a form that looks like the one I'm willing to create:
You can try "synthroid" and "crestor" for drug names if you want. The main difference is that the print button in their website just prints the whole website instead of generating another page.

I did some research and found this for the autocomplete. However, I still don't know if it could search with the generic name and the brand name (for example Advil or Ibuprofen). I'll need to do more research on this subject:

My questions are:
- How can I append drug names after searching them to a certain list and then submit it at the end?
- Is there a certain field type I need to use?
- How will I send the list to Django?
- Do I need to rerender the page each time the user adds a drug to display it?

The drugs and their characteristics will already be saved in the database. Note that I don't want the user to add, edit or delete drugs. I just want to render a pdf depending on what they choose.

Note that I'm a student in pharmacy and not a programmer. I am an intermediate user of python and know the basics of html and css.

Thanks in advance!

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+Javier Rivera​ than you very much! I'll check this link and learn how to code in JavaScript 
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Hello Everybody,
I'm having a trouble for make multiple views
I have my structure that I'll implement:

And other views...


And so on for day and other patterns

urlpatterns = [
url(r'^control/user', include("digitalizacao.urls")),
url(r'^control/mes', include("digitalizacao.urls")),
url(r'^control/semana', include("digitalizacao.urls")),
url(r'^control/dia', include("digitalizacao.urls")),

my patterns on main

urlpatterns = [
url(r'^$', "digitalizacao.views.usuarioList"),
url(r'^detail/$', "digitalizacao.views.usuarioDetail"),
url(r'^create/$', "digitalizacao.views.usuarioCreate"),
url(r'^edit/$', "digitalizacao.views.usuarioEdit"),
url(r'^delete/$', "digitalizacao.views.usuarioDelete"),

url(r'^$', "digitalizacao.views.mesList"),
url(r'^detail/$', "digitalizacao.views.mesDetail"),
url(r'^create/$', "digitalizacao.views.mesCreate"),
url(r'^edit/$', "digitalizacao.views.mesEdit"),
url(r'^delete/$', "digitalizacao.views.mesDelete"),

my patterns on app/

And my I don't know how can I do a urlpatterns with many views. I saw many articles, stackoverflow and others, but nothing has been useful


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+Douglas Mendes
i have better idea, i told you : use regular expressions in the url patterns !!!
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Hello guys, I started an Open-Source project for easily learning Machine Learning online. And I need someone who can help me developing a Python based webpage. We have got a Slack channel, here's my email:
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Adam Johnson

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Django For Beginners free 100%
Django is a fantastic web framework built with the Python programming language. With Django you can create websites and web apps very quickly and efficiently.

Django was created by very experienced developers who have built into it several tools for ....
Django is an extremely in-demand skill that pays quite well. Django is used by a lot of startups to build great applications.
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Hi I need help with a login form, I want to have an app that will load the login modal if the user is not login and a dashboard if the user is authenticated.
What would I need to do such, as far as I have read, I will just need to have 1 app for my dashboard, a template and a conditional calling the user if its authenticated. However I am still not sure if i would need something else to call the user/autnetication module either on a view or somewhere else.
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Do you have an app that does that?
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I have a web site that is used by several clients. Each client has their own payment processing accounts. Is there a shopping cart like app or framework that can handle that? PayPal must be included, and I think a plugin architecture would be a must unless it's built in support is quite extensive.
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