Hello everyone, this is my first post here !
I like Python very much, so I decided to try Django.
The admin UI it generates is great to avoid all the boring CRUD code.
But how can I generate CRUD modules for regular users (non admin) ?
Is it the same process or autogenerated CRUD is only for admins ?
Thanks !!

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What is Python? | Python Tutorial for beginners | OnlineITGuru

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``: This tutorial is not meant to be a dive deep into either frontend (EmberJS) or backend (Django) development. I don’t want to get bogged down with too much complexity. Instead we will focus on the critical pieces that stitch together a basic full stack application that stores data in a backend, which serves data to the frontend, which then displays the data and allows the user to manipulate it.``

hello. I am new to django and i am stuck. I need help in figuring out how to add unsubscribe link in emails being sent to the user. I want the user to be able to unsubscribe without having to log in. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Guys, I have doubts about Django.
1) Post_save signal or any signal if an error occurs then data won't come back. Will data be lost?
2) How to get data back if validation fails in post_save signal?

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I am getting this error while my url shows https followed by url.

Where should i make change to solve this.

I have used social auth library and included ssl certificate for getting https in website.
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