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I've been working on an Angband miniature for the past few days, so here's some making-of pictures.
The set was carved out of foam and painted with acrylics. I put blue clay in the cracks that I was planning on keying out, to replace with lava.
The little statue (of a Balrog) was made with bake-able clay, painted, and glued to a foam stand. I had to photograph it against a blue screen, since it was made at a much larger than the rest of the set. I did this in order to get a higher amount of detail I wanted.
The bat has an interior of foam, for light weight, and is covered in a mixture between modeling clay/wax. The wings are made from real leather and have small wires (twisty ties) glued to the rim of the leather. It worked extremely well for animation and it looked awesome.
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Turin Slays Glaurung.
This isn't related to any stop motion I'm working on, it's just a cool/silly picture. ;)

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I drew some concept for what Drauglin might look like. I used a Warg for the base of the drawing and I'll most likely do the same for the lego. I'll probably get some Green Stuff and sculpt it onto the Warg and paint the whole thing. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while :( Kinda forgot about this community :B Anyways here are some cool pics I made for some of the characters in Of Beren and Luthien. Personally my favorite is Morgoth and Gorgol. Morgoth's armour looked like metal and Gorgol.....I had no idea legos could look that creepy! XD
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Sorry, I realized I forgot to post last Monday. Anyways here's the next character. Gorgol the Butcher. The orc captain of Sauron, who lead the attack on Barahir's band of outlaws. He kills Barahir and cuts of the hand holding the ring of Felegund. After, he boasts to his soldiers, how he will present the rings to Morgoth and his reward will be great. Beren leaps out of the darkness and slays him, taking his fathers ring with him.

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I've been pretty busy lately, but here's this week's post :)
Here is Gorlim the Hapless. He is a member of Barahir's outlaws and will play an important part in the beginning of the film. After being captured by the servants of Morgoth, Gorlim is questioned about Barahir's hideout, but he is deceived by Sauron. Gorlim finally betrays Barahir's hideout to Sauron but in return is cruelly put to death.  

Well, today's Monday, so I figured I'd post something! :)
Of Beren and Luthien

BEREN- A man of the Edain, Beren is the son of Barahir and Emeldir. Tall, blue eyed, and dark haired Age 34. Last of the Edain after Barahir and his seven companions were slaughtered.
Weapons: Angrist(Knife). Bow. 
Transformed into the great wolf Drauglin, during the quest for the Silmaril.
BARAHIR- A man of the Edain, Barahir is the father of Beren and the seventh lord of the house of Beor. Tall, dark hair, and Age 60. Was killed along with is seven followers, by Sauron's servants. Keeper of the ring of Barahir (ring of Felegund).
GORLIM - One of the followers of Barahir, Lost his wife to servants 0f Sauron. The loss of his wife eventually lead to his death and treachery to Barahir.
EILINEL- One of the Edain, Eilinel was the wife of Gorlim, but she was killed by the servants of Sauron. --------
LUTHIEN - An elf maiden of Doriath, Luthien is the daughter of Thingol and Melian. Black hair, grey eyes. Said to be the fairest maiden to have ever lived. 
Weapons: Enchantments
Transformed into Thuringwethil (The Vampire messenger of Sauron) during the quest for the Silmaril.
THINGOL- The king of Doriath, Thingol is the spouse of the Maia, Melian, and the father of Luthien. Very tall with silver hair.
Weapons: Aranruth (Sword)
MELIAN - The queen of Doriath, Melian is one of the Maiar, servants of the Valar. She is the Spouse of Thingol, and mother of Luthien. Dark hair. Is said that she taught Nightingales to sing.
CURUFIN - Of the Noldor, Curufin is one of the seven sons of Feanor, and brother of Celegorm. Much like his father, Curufin in his temper, appearance, and skill. Brother of Celegorm. Tall black haired. 
Weapons: The wielder of Angrist, before Beren took it from him.
CELEGORM - Of the Noldor, Celegorm is one of the seven sons of Feanor, and brother of Curufin.
Sought to marry Luthien, against her will. Tall and fair haired. Was given Huan, the hound of Valinor, by the Vala of the Hunt, Orome.
Weapons: Sword, Spear, and Bow.
FINROD FELEGUND - The king of Nargothrond, Finrod was a friend of Barahir, and gave him the ring of Felegund (Ring of Barahir). Tall and Golden haired. He went into exile aided Beren in the quest for the Silmaril. He was killed while being held captive in Tol-in-Gaurhoth.
ORODRETH - Brother of Finrod Felegund, was ruler of Nargothrond in the place of Finrod. Tall and Dark hair.
DAERON- Daeron was Luthien's minstrel, but he espied her meetings with Beren. He beccame jealous, for he loved Luthien, and he betrayed them to Thingol.
MABLUNG - Mablung is King Thingol's captain and was one of the hunters to accompany him, on the hunt for Carcharoth.
BELEG STRONGBOW - One of the hunters to accompany Thingol, during the hunt for Carcharoth. ---------------
HUAN - The Hound of Valinor. Huan aided Beren and Luthien During the quest for the Silmaril and was only permitted to speak thrice in his life. He was Celegorm's hound, and was killed by Carcharoth, after he swallowed the Silmaril.
MORGOTH - The dark lord of Angband, Morgoth is the fallen Valar, and also the most powerful. He dwells in his dark fortress, holding the three Silmarils, on his iron crown. Very tall.
Weapons: Grond, Hammer of the Underworld
SAURON- Most powerful and trusted servant of Morgoth, Sauron is one of the Maiar. He is known to be very seductive. Tall and fair, with light hair.
GORGOL - Orc chieftain of Sauron, who lead the attack on Barahir's outlaws. Also called "The Butcher".
CARCHAROTH - The Great Wolf of Morgoth, Carcharoth was the greatest wolf to walk the earth. During the Quest for the Silmaril, Carcharoth bit of the hand of Beren, which held a Silmaril. Carcharoth was killed during his battle with Huan. --------
ILUVATAR - Eru, the one. The creator of Arda.
MANDOS - The Vala of the Underworld. With the consent of Manwe and Iluvatar, allowed Beren to return to life with Luthien.
MANWE - The Vala of the Skies. ------

Mae g'ovannen (Well Met) fellow Tolkien fans, and welcome to my community!
I've created this community for all of you who wish to follow my production on my future LEGO Silmarillion short films. As you may know from watching my LEGO Skyrim Series, I put alot of hard work and thought into my Brickfilms, and the Silmarillion deserves nothing less(more actually) ;) . I have not finished Skyrim yet, I'm only halfway done, but I will gradually be working on pre-production stuff (for the Silmarillion), to be ready to start, by the time I finish LEGO Skyrim.
The Silmarillion is my absolute favorite book of all time, and will never be topped. For starters, I'll let you all know, that the first short film I will be making, is "Of Beren and Luthien" (Which is my favorite story from the book) I will cover every bit of the story, and will leave nothing out. :D I will try to post some sort of progress update every week, to let you all know what I'm up to.
I will probably not be able to start filming until next year (late winter or early spring), But if you think about it, that's not too far away. :) It all depends on when I finish my LEGO Skyrim Series.

I will be looking for voice actors, willing to donate their time and talent. I will have over ten important characters who will need a voice to bring them to life. I will be posting a character list and description, once I get it figured out. 

Please share this with all your fellow Tolkien fans/friends! All the support is greatly appreciated! :)

Le fael (Thank you) for your time!
Keenan Boyle, The Guildmaster Studio :)
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