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Asuna got owned, BIG TIME.
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Why do you want to be owner?
To help with spam and such

Past Experiences
I am a moderator In a community with over one thousand members

Time Zone
Uh... I live in the US...?

How do you treat other members or moderators?
I treat them with respect, I am pretty much nice. Unless I need to deal with bitches...

Do you agree to the rules? (Owner rules will be posted shortly)

Will you help moderators?
Yes, I plan to help with spam. And unrelated posts.

What would you do it you see an abusive moderator?
I will contact you.

Would you treat the original owners ((me and Karl)) with respect?

Will you talk about unrelated content?
No. Not at all. Not unless there is a category for it though...

Thanks for the invite
I LOVE this anime, it's only my third favorite.
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