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This dead?

Can I make a young goddess?

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[Name:] Eziel Sagefire

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 28

[Race:] Human

[Appearance:] provided by pic

[Personality:] Eziel is quiet, cold, and withdrawn, preferring to keep to himself

[Weapons:] One-handed sword

[Powers/Abilities:] Pyromancy- Eziel is able to conjure and control a small amounts of fire
Ranger-Eziel is able to switch into an ethereal like form, summoning a bow into his hand and a quiver filled with 10 arrows at a time. However, he can only hold this form for ten seconds.

[Skills:] Eziel is a very quiet and stealthy human, making him a useful scout. He is also very gifted with a sword.

[Strengths:] An injury to Eziel will cause his adrenaline to pump more than it should, giving him a heightened amount of strength that would rival a Dwarf's

[Weaknesses:] Eziel will never ask for help, even if he needs it.

[Killable] Yes

[Backstory:] Eziel was born in this land. At a young age, however, his parents brought him to the elves, begging them to raise and train him so that he may be a great warrior. He was accepted by the elves, and was brought up by them. His life was ruled by training until the age of 23, when the Necromancer sent his armies. Since then, Eziel has fought and survived, fighting beside humans, dwarves, and more, to save the world.
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Updated species creation
Species name: Draconian
Average Life Length: 1000 years
Possible Powers/Abilities:
-ice/water manipulation
-fire manipulation
-earth manipulation
-darkness manipulation
-light manipulation
-flight (all draconians have wings either hidden or shown)
-scale manipulation (allows user to have scales when not in dragon form)
-hybrid powers (maximum of 2 [flight isn't included])
-dragon transformation (all draconians have this[caution: can kill user])
Species Strengths:
-enhanced speed and strength (gains with age)
-more durrable skin (not scales and not human flesh but an in-between)
-verry small healing factor (not op. Healing takes less time than it does for humans and more time than dragons)
Species Weaknesses:
-powers of the opposing element (fire loses against water/ice)
-any fast moving, sharp objects
-draconians are solitary to each other and will attack one another
Species Origin:
Normally Humans and Dragons would do anything to kill one another. However every once in a blue-moon will a pair end up mating. The child will end up killing its mother durring birth and is a hybrid of both Dragon and Human. This child gains it's elemental powers from its dragon parent (usually the father). These hybrids were normally outcasted from bothe dragons and humans for being too much like the other race.
Draconians have sharper teeth and have a strange heart. This heart is a combination of both human and dragon hearts. The rest of a draconian looks to be human except for their wings. Wings will come in at the human age of 10, the wing will normally be leathery but can be feathery as well. Draconians can hide them or show them off.
Draconians have an ability to transform into a dragon, this dragon resembles the draconian's dragon parent.
These hybrids normaly live out on their own but have been known to travel with humans if they feel comfortable with that person/people. Also they have been known to be mercs for the right price. Due to their dragon part they obtained some of the greed for gold.

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//because I really haven't done anything here.....//

Midday, middle of an untouched ruin that is likely the last of its kind. A witch stands, shrouded in her dark armor and a series of dark pentacles that allow her to sustain her second transformation in a meditative state. The magical energies required to do this are quite palpable and would invigorate any magic user in the area or give any non magic user a case of the sweats. This state goes undisturbed for almost an hour before....

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So, should I alter Fiona? Only real changes would be her weapon (Long sword to a meat tenderizer long hammer) and shield (wooden pirate shield to legit soldier shield). While you think on that, enjoy this picture of her trying not to disarm that poor man.

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Species Creation
Average life expectancy:
1-3000 years
Vary based on the dragon father/mother. Usually will have a tail or wings.
Longer life than humans. Increased strength, and agility. Harder skin. The inherited elemental power(s).
The opposite element of the dragon father/mother. Or hardened weapons/ magics.
How created:
A hybrid from a dragon and a human. Upon birth the draconian will usually have killed its human parent (this is usually the mother almost never the father).
Brains or Brawns:
They usually will rely on brute strength unless they need to be tactical.

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[Name] lilith dark

[Age] 19 but looks 20

[Gender] Female

[Race] dark Elf

[Appearence] looks like in the picture

[Height] 5" 6

[Weight] 113.4

[Strengths] dual wielding, being sneaky

[Weaknesses] light magic

[Likes] sushi, animals,

[Dislikes] orcs

[Faction] natural

[Skills] duel wielding, archery

[Sexuality] straight

[Weapons] bows, swords

[Spells] dark magic

[Bio] I was raised by the dark elfs, they taught me almost everything that I know, but when the war broke out, orcs attacked my family, so I was forced to watch my family die, so now to this day my hatred for the orcs burns inside me claiming to destroy them
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