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Sightings of Sasquatch are reported all over North America. "I was so Inspired to write this story when I discovered many legendary stories told in the surrounding area where I live."
Available in paperback and ebooks! Your review is gratefully welcomed!
High upon the peak of Crater Mountain lives a Legend. Something lurks in the wild. It's large and hairy, walking on two legs like a man, but definitely not a man. It's a savage creature… A Sasquatch! Re-trace the steps of one of history’s mightiest legends, the Sasquatch. Standing a monstrous, fourteen feet tall and weighing nine hundred pounds, Gurchukk finds himself with the responsibility of raising a four year old girl. At the foot of Crater Mountain, in the little town of Seton Portage, a new comer, Trevor, with his heart full of hopes and dreams for a new and prosperous life, soon finds himself ensnared in a world of terror and discovery as he fights to survive the mysterious creature of Crater Mountain.

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Book 2 of the Jasper Series is finally out! Reviews gratefully welcomed! When Jasper is told to prepare for the coming war in Heaven, he and the Angels must take up a perilous quest to unravel the Mystery of Death. Along their expedition, Reapers seek to deter their progress and attack them. The Angel Elana captures one of these vile creatures within her Holy lasso and after questioning it, it becomes their guide.

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Tahukah anda, ada beberapa tempat yang menjadi legenda di BEKASI, yang sangat populer dan legendaris (terkenal). khususnya bagi anda warga negara Indonesia yang sudah atau yang belum mengenal kota bekasi, berikut adalah daftar legenda yang hidup sampai saat ini.


1. Sungai Kalimalang
2. Stadion Patriot
3. Stasiun Kereta Bekasi
4. Metropolitan Mall
5. Giant Bekasi
6. Patung Lele
7. Waterboom Lippo Cikarang
8. Gedung Juang 45 Bekasi
9. Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya
10. Pantai Mutiara Gembong
11. Pantai Mutiara Beting
12. Pantai Mutiara Bendera
13. Pantai Mekar
14. Wisata Rumah Pohon
15. Bumi Perkemahan Karang Kitri
16. Danau Alamanda Regency
17. Thamrin District Bekasi (Calon Legenda Baru)

PIKKO LAND Tbk memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 33 tahun sejak 1984 dengan sukses membangun beberapa project yang legendaris di indonesia, lebih dari 30 project terkenal seperti :

1. The plaza semanggi
2. Tamini square
3. Thamrin City
4. Grand mall bekasi
5. Mapple Park Kemayoran
6. Hampton’s park
7. Signature Park Apartment
8. Botanica Simprug
9. Sahid Sudirman Center
10. Palembang Square
11. Plaza Medan Fair
12. Pasar Baru Bandung”​
13. Dstnya..

Kini PIKKO LAND Tbk mempersembahkan masterpiece terbarunya, lebih lanjut, kunjungi :

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Many people across country are switching from Conservative to LibDem. best of luck to LIBDEMS in Witney tomorrow - they have a real chance <3 - if your attitudes are not right wing, hang on in their UK - 2020 not that far away xxxxx

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These #vintage printed advertisements are definitely cringe-worthy! #ThrowbackThursday

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Put your company name logo or message on a magnetic calendar. Order now for 2017. Over a hundred styles and sizes to fit any business or organization
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