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+Andrew Walter - if you're not already in the Talisman community, please submit a membership request and i'll approve it ASAP.
I'm playing all these today, with ELEVEN players. Pray for me.

I just bought the new edition of the woodlands. I am interested to read in the Wanderlust ending that one must play with all four corner expansions. That would suggest to me that GW is likely to bring out Dungeon and Highland.

Highland is the one corner I am missing, along with Frostmarch and Firelands. I am also missing the PoD expansions too.

Hopefully they wi all be brought back.

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It seems that some fellow maintains a combined Talisman rulebook for the base game and all of the expansions...
Unified rulebook |
Unified rulebook |

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First time actually implementin dragon expansion
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This BGG post isn't about Talisman, but the first response in the thread is something all Talisman players can relate to...
Stacking and shuffling. |
Stacking and shuffling. |

Hi! So I was introduced to the Talisman games through The Horus Heresy edition on mobile. I was wondering if there were any players here? It'd be nice to have friends that play.

Hi folks, great to be amongst Talisman fans.

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Thanks to the generosity of Coiledspring Games, you now have a chance to win a copy of the recently reprinted base game of Talisman from Games Workshop!

Not only that, but there are prizes of codes for Talisman: Digital Edition by Nomad Games on Steam for 7 lucky runners up!

All you need to do is come up with an idea for a new NPC (Non-Player Character) to use with the game and send it in to me via email.

Follow the link to Talisman Island, where you will find all of the details, plus a few hints.

You've got a couple of weeks to enter, but don't leave it too late!

Good luck!
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