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8. As this will cover all time periods From young Indiana Jones to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and beyond you can be deceased characters but keep them to what ever period they are in so Henry Jones Sr can't go beyond 1951.
9. All RPs must be called your characters name and the (example Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).
10. State the year of your mission or quest

Profile Template
Real Name:
Other Names:
Artifacts Found: if archeologist
Weapon(s): current and former
Other Occupational Equipment:

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Is Short Round taken?

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Real Name: Unknown
Other Names: Short Round
Occupation: Assistant (of Indiana Jones)
Artifacts Found: well Short Round isn't an archaeologist, so...
Family: all dead or gone
Weapon(s): none yet
Other Occupational Equipment: satchel

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1 September 1958 (About a year after the end of Crystal Skull)
Character: Diana Finch (a bright 22 year old girl who takes after her real father, a man she never knew anything about, but who she will be studying under here in the Archaeology Department in Marshall College. Indy Jones himself.)
Today was the first day of term. Diana Finch was starting college today and her nerves were getting the best of her. She took a deep breath as she stared at her reflection in the small mirror in her small dormatory room's bathroom. she grabbed her glasses and threw them into her leather school bag, then headed out the door, down the stairs and out onto the school yard. she made her way down the street to the campus when she accidentally bumped into someone and her papers in her bag fell out.
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Tony Han and the Spear of Longinus

1944. Acre, Israel

I sat in a bar in Acre, looking over several notes as I drank a poor-tasting wine. This would be my biggest job: To find the lance that killed Jesus Christ. All I needed was to find a mission partner. I had no qualms with sharing the glory of a mission. Looking around the darkened room, I scanned all the people to see if they were the adventuring type I was after.

Real Name: Tony Han

Other Names: "Hēilóng" AKA "Black Dragon"

Occupation: Freelance Archaeologist

Artifacts: Well, besides some Tang Dynasty coins and a Ming Dynasty sword, eh...not much.

Family: Wu Han - Father
Chen Han - Mother

Weapons: He used to have Japanese Type 97 sniper rifle from the black market, but lost it in a rooftop brawl. His current gear consists of a Mauser C96 and an old General Liu Rifle from his grandfather. He also carries a Dadao (Chinese machete-like sword) but is also skilled in unarmed martial arts.

Other Occupations: Waiter, Freelance Detective, and Assassin (He has a lot of jobs...)

Biography: Tony Han was born just a few years before his father's unfortunate death. Growing up as a fatherless child in Shanghai, he soon found his way into crime. He started robbing stores and fighting low-level Triads while his mother slept. One night, he was caught by his grandfather coming back into the house bloody and bruised. Waiting for his beating, his grandfather instead actually laughed. He showed Tony his old gear when he was in World War 1. He also told Tony that he became a Triad boss after. Giving the younger Han his pistol and rifle and a new suit and fedora, he set him up on assassination missions. It felt...right to Tony, and let his father's mob expand deeper. Soon, the Han Triad was a nice group with a large amount of businesses. Tony put all that money into school and a nice apartment. Remembering the man that sent money to his mother after his father died and came around once or twice, he chose archaeology as his major and forensics as his undergraduate (I don't know if that's how 30s Chinese colleges are XD). Trying to put his past away, he became a waiter in one of his grandfather's bars. He still does an assassination once in a while. On his off-time, he corresponds with other archaeologists and dates a dancer at the same bar he works at.

Strengths: Good liar (hiding that you assassinate people from your mother ain't easy), great shot, intelligent, sweet, well-spoken, good hand-to-hand fighter

Weaknesses: Fear of heights and flying, infamous in some cities so a few enemies, next-to-no morals

Other Occupational Equipment: Tony carries a lockpicking set which he is decent with and a rifle scope he uses as a makeshift monocular.

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Real Name: Diana Scott- Jones

Other Names: Diana Finch (The name she knew.)

Occupation: College Student/ Archaeology Major/ Archaeologist in training

Artifacts Found: Well, none really yet... unless you include some arrow heads from the creek behind her childhood home...

Father: Indiana Jones
Mother: Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott
Half Brother: Mutt Williams
Step Mother: Marion Ravenwood

Weapon(s): She's got a small hand gun she keeps hidden in a pocket under her skirt, but thats it...

Other Occupational Equipment: She's only ever been on one field in her life, but she's got a journal and pen that she keeps with her, and a camera too.

Willie Scott didn't even know she was pregnant until she suddenly gave birth on the bathroom floor in a motel right before leaving to go back home after her adventure with Indiana Jones. She held in her arms a two month premature baby girl... She was so tiny...

Adventure, but more importiantly, Luck, was in Diana's blood. Willie named her Diana after her father. Willie never even told Indy, though she didn't even know herself until she was holding the baby physically in her arms... She guessed this had to had happen some time on the train on her and Indy's way to Delhi after their adventure together... (so right after Temple of Doom)

Diana was raised in secrecy by her mother until one day when Diana was only 5 months old, Willie realized she no longer could keep her a secret, so Diana was put up for adoption and was adopted by a young couple in Massachusets.

Diana, or Ana as she later went by, took a liking to history at a young age. It was her best subject in school. When she was 18, however, a few weeks before she graduated highschool, Her adoptive father passed away in a fishing accident and her adoptive mother moved to Conneticut, not far from Diana's birth father... She never graduated highschool, but because her grades in every history course she'd ever taken were practically perfect, she was offered a schollarship in the archaeology department at Marshall college... She took up the offer being unknowingly taught by her birth father...

Hair: Golden Brown (Brown with blonde and red highlights)
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110Ibs
Frame: Petite

DOB: December 1935

POB: A motel room in Conneticut USA not far from Indiana's home...
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Name: James Wiseman
Nicknames: The trickster
Occupation: Treasure hunting
Artifacts: Small remains of Aztec Jewelry.
Family: my mother , Lisa , my father , Marcus.
Weapons: Wickedly sharp duel daggers for emergencies hidden in my back pocket and a sturdy hand gun.
Other occupations? Not really.

Is sitting in a fancy plaza having lunch when I overhear something about a hidden temple , and a considerable amount of Treasure , the two men trying to keep their voices hushed , But I find out its somewhere in the Amazon (Open to anyone)

^_^ Thank you
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