Life plays games with you. Sometimes it gives you things in a way that you have everything and don't need anything more....Sometimes you keep looking for....waiting for it..... a difficult time...wait for the time to come...have the patience.
It is something that is not even easy I feel for a person who thinks he/she is the most patient person.
Patience wears off sooner or later and curiosity sets in....making you impatient which in turn makes you look for reasons for the delay. The reasons for the thing not happening...questioning every thing around you...

This is people who may read thisĀ  may think I am a pessimist no...I call myself actually a mix of optimistic and realistic....but felt like sharing the fact that this dirty virus of pessimist can attack all I want to tell every one is even if it attacks try to find a positive side even it has the ugliest face, even when you feel there can be no good in it.
This is the only way to come out of it, as it will take you in, try and sink you in. The only way to fight is NEVER GIVE UP
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