Hi everyone,
I am coming to the USA from Sydney, Australia in March - April 2018. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for great MakerSpaces/FabLabs/Imaginariums etc to visit. So far, I have planned a couple of visits to schools on the east and west coasts.
Any tips?
I am interested in Design Thinking / Maker Edu / STEAM / Tech / PBL.
Looking forward to learning from your expertise!

Hello Maker Educators! We are ready to take registrations for the 1st Indiana Maker Educator Workshop on September 28-29 in Indianapolis. The workshop will be run at Arsenal Tech and we are working to pull together speakers and sessions to help you get started or advance as a maker educator. Our list of interested educators is growing weekly – if you know someone else who might be interested in this, please share this email with them or with a relevant distribution list. We apologize for any cross-posting you might receive related to this event. We hope you can participate in part or all of the workshop and look forward to learning from you soon.

You can find out more details and register here: https://sites.google.com/view/inmakereducatorworkshop2017/home

Registration is open until mid-September and we will keep the site updated as details on the workshop are confirmed.

Adam Maltese (IU)
Bethany Thomas (Maker Youth Foundation)
Chris Petrelli (Conner Prairie)

This is all new to me. I am very interested in the makerspace for schools and how to implement one in my school. I am open to any suggestions on how to start a makerspace in my school.

The Makerspace movement is so cool and important to students and teachers. As educators discuss the importance of students being responsible for their own learning, what better way to implement that than makerspaces. As students explore and create, teachers are facilitators of the process. I am excited to learn more and share with schools in my district about makerspaces and help transform spaces in each school to give students an opportunity to engage and collaborate with their peers as they design a product.

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We are looking for maker educators to assist us with one of our research projects!

As part of an US National Science Foundation grant examining the role of failure in making and design, we are surveying maker educators from an array of settings to learn about their experiences and opinions. The survey should take about 10-15 minutes. You can access the survey at the link or with the QR code below. Thank you so much for your time!


My school is beginning a Maker Space also - I am curious what some good resources for newbies are.

I am new to the maker space concept. I watched the video to get an idea about what it takes to start one in my school. It seems that maker space would be especially helpful in both urban and rural schools. These schools have been hit the hardest from a funding standpoint.

I am currently learning about Makerspaces.  It seems like a wonderful opportunity to engage student learning.  I am excited that education seems to be moving away from "traditional" teaching and is moving towards the future.

I am intrigued by this makerspaces concept. I am excited to see how this can become doable in our rural district. The possibilities seem phenomenal.

The idea of a Maker Space seems like common sense to me.   The more kids are actively involved in hands on learning, the more engaged they will be and the more they will learn.
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