What Jesus Said.
In Matthew 23:15, Jesus, lamenting, said, “ woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him two-fold more the child of hell than yourselves”.

What Folks Do In Today's Church.
Sadly, the same woe is also abroad against some folks in today’s church.
These are folks who take, some times, take great pains and risk, to reach the unreached with the gospel; but only to end up filling their hearers with corrupted and personalized versions of the gospel.

Our dispensation has become a case of those who convert folks unto Christ; but at the same time encourage their converts to continue in the very sins from which they had been saved. They lie to their converts that the grace of Christ would shield them, no matter what: that God loved them so much not to allow any of them to enter hell fire, no matter the type of lives they lived thereafter.
Grace According to Men.

And they call this the gospel of grace. Some call theirs merger grace. But the true name is the gospel of compromise: of sensuality, of the flesh - the gospel of devils.

The same trend obtains on most of our pulpits worldwide. Day by day, our Lord Jesus Christ sends out men and women into the world: to preach His doctrines to the unsaved, to get folks saved unto His Father, and to show the saved how to retain that which they have received: that they may make heaven at last.

But some of these preachers, after getting folks saved, would turn around to tell the same saved folks, that the salvation they have just received would now enable them to continue in sin, if they chose, “being freely justified” by Christ!
They cajole these believers into believing that once one is saved, he or she is forever saved, sin or no sin. They usually cite some handful of scriptures as their authority, especially some verses of the biblical book of Romans.

Whenever these preachers of error are confronted with the entire counsel of God, they would quickly resort to either the Greek, Hebrew, or other original texts of the scriptures, searching furiously but fruitlessly for words and phrases to justify their error.

What They Have Done To His Church.
Such is the disgraceful and shameful state of the gospel in our time. Such is the worldly face of the today’s church. And this is worldwide.

This form of gospel they call “grace” comes in different shades of opinions. Some teach that a believer cannot sin, or, perhaps, if he ever does, that only his flesh would be involved. Some claim that the spirit of the believer is saved forever, to make heaven at last, sin or no sin.

Some also tell their hearers that Christ died to inherit the sins committed by believers after salvation! They call Christ “their advocates in sin”. To some, this their grace shields believers from the eternal consequences of the sins they commit after salvation.

Some of these messengers of God, who have, by their own election and appetite, become their own messengers, also tell their hearers, that indeed there is no hell fire: that even if there were to be, that God “is too loving” to send folks there, for any reasons whatsoever.

The State Of Most Believers Worldwide.
Owing to the widespread nature of these erroneous teachings and practices, many have come to Christ; only to continue in their ungodly lifestyles, and lying to themselves that one day they would stumble into heaven.

Sadly, most of these erring folks are victims of false, perverted and slanted teachings, and corrupted biblical annotations, sustained over the years.

The Consequences Of Teaching and Living In Error.
And all who teach these strange and ungodly doctrines as the gospel of Jesus Christ, only succeed in making themselves enemies of His Cross. What they are doing, consciously or unconsciously, is trying to crucify the Lord the second time. And the consequences of such that are there for all to see.

And the only option, open to whosoever is involved in this charade, is to repent, and to do so urgently; because the very next moment may be too late.

The worst thing that can happen to a sinning believer, is to refuse to repent, and instead, find protection in that vile and ungodly phrase, “you are judging me”. That is a phrase developed and nurtured by enemies of righteousness. But they shall proceed no further.

Truth About Justification.
Let it be known to all who name the name of the Lord, that only God, the Creator of the ends of the ends of the earth, is justified, at all times and in all circumstances. Not even angels of God are so justified. That is why satan and some other angels fell.

Do not believe that man or woman who peddles “justification” before you as a shield for your sinful ways, even as a believer. He or she is up to no good.

The justification of the believer is a one-off provision from God: to clear one of all PAST sinful deeds and consequences thereof, and then make the person just before Him. It wipes away, not only our past sins; but also presents us before God as if we never ever sinned from birth! That is justification as provided by God.

God’s own justification ONLY covers our sins prior to, or before, redemption. The justification according to men shields believers from sins committed after salvation.

Any believer who continues in sin after salvation, whosoever it may be, will face the full consequences thereof. This is the word of the living God, and this also is the full counsel of God concerning the saved.

Preach Only The Doctrine Of Christ.
Whosoever, Christ sends into the world, as a preacher of this gospel, has only one mandate: to preach His doctrines, even as He preached in the days of His flesh.

There are therefore, no such things as the doctrines of Paul, of Peter, of James, of John, or indeed of any other writers of this gospel. Whatever is written in the Bible, or received by revelation, concerning this gospel, can only stand the test of heaven, if and only if, it strictly accords with the doctrines of Christ.

It was our Lord Jesus Christ Who died, Who is also risen, and Who is seated at the right of His Father. He purchased His salvation and His gospel with His Own blood.

Whosoever teaches anything contrary to what the same Jesus taught, even in the days of His flesh; whether it be Paul, or Peter, or James, or John, or indeed whosoever, that teaching must not stand.

But thanks be to God; because there are no such contrary teachings, either in the epistles, or indeed, in any other part of the Bible: except, as we see today, teachings resulting from erroneous annotations in the bible, and from dubious and personalized interpretations of simple words of the scriptures by self-seeking preachers.

Why "Other Religions" Are Prevailing.
That “other religions”, (Christianity is not a religion), are overtaking Christianity world-wide, is a clear manifestation of the hunger in folks worldwide, to live decently, even in an increasingly perverse and wicked world. It is the result of desperate moves by many to satisfy that hunger, the hunger to live, with at least some level morality, in a depraved world.

And no doubt, many are increasingly finding comfort in those “other religions”; because, most of these “other religions” do actually offer some semblance of morality – the morality that is strangely lacking in most who profess Christ worldwide.

Simply put, the world has weighed many who claim that they are Christians and ministers of Christ and found them wanting. They have found out, that so many that are not saved, are even much more morally conscious than many that call themselves Christians and ministers of the gospel.

The world has slowly discovered that most of what many believing folks call Christianity today are empty “confessions of faith”, not in the least backed by any evidence of godliness.

God Is No Respecter Of Persons.
Therefore, whosoever you are, wheresoever you may be, and whatsoever title you may have in church, know it this very day, that God is not a respecter of persons: or of nations, or of tribes, or of races, or of languages, or of cultures, or of colors, or of experience in spiritual things or whatsoever.

The standard of heaven remains sure and certain: that whosoever that names the name of Christ must depart from iniquity. And the second is also like it: that every soul that sinneth shall die.

The will of God in His Christ, is this: that folks be saved that they may go and sin no more. That was why He sacrificed His only begotten Son. That is His true love in manifestation.

Many in today’s church are trampling on the word and person of God, even with impunity. Many are toiling with sin and compromise, yet shouting, grace, grace. Many are tempting the patience of our God.

Sin Is Forever A Reproach To All.
There is no place for sin or compromise in heaven. Nothing and nobody that offends will make haven at last. The eyes of our God cannot behold sin.
Forsake sin and all its appearances today that you may begin your journey to heaven.

The road to heaven is very narrow, slippery and full of thorns and thistles. It is also full of satanic traps. Do not allow yourself to be snared into these traps by those already trapped therein.

But, what is sin, some may ask, even in hypocrisy? Well, for the avoidance of doubt, all unrighteousness is sin. Whatsoever God says is sinful is sinful without more. Whatsoever is written in the scriptures to be sinful is sinful.

Whatsoever is not of faith, that is, whatsoever is against the word and commandments of God, is sinful. And all that do such, and fail to repent before death, shall inherit eternal damnation. Many are already there and many are helplessly headed there even as I write.

Being A Faithful Watchman.
Do not say you were not warned. This message, and more like it, will testify against you that day: if you die in your sins and compromising lifestyles, claiming that you are the righteousness of Christ.

Salvation is a means and not an end. It is only the very beginning of ones journey to heaven. Anything can happen on the way, as it has been happening right from the day of the atonement of Christ..

We all live per moment. Anything can happen at any moment in time. And the next moment may be too late. Once one dies, the next assignment is to face judgment. And none can escape it.

And there shall be no excuses, none.
The grace of God is available to help the saved to live above sin: do not use it as a cloak to continue in sin.

Hell fire is as real as life and death themselves. Hell fire is so terrible that you will not even desire your worst enemy, if you still have one, to end up there.
And by the grace of God, none of those reading this message will end up hell fire, in Jesus name.

God's Grace Enables Us To Live Righteously.
To you that is not saved, repent today, that grace may be granted you, to go and sin no more, and to eventually make heaven at last. And to you that is redeemed, depart from sin and all appearances of sin, that it may be well with you, and that ye may make heaven at last.

Theology will not deliver any, neither rational argument. Picking some verses of the Bible and turning them into indulging doctrines will not avail any. The only way to heaven is the full counsel of God – from Genesis to Revelation.

The Apostolic Charge.
I therefore charge all that believe worldwide: to not only flee from sin, but much more also, to flee from every man or woman who encourages believing folks, in any manner whatsoever, to continue in sin that the grace of God may abound. Flee for your life: tarry not, lest you perish with him or her.

And for those who peddle pervasive doctrines all over the world,, I pray the everlasting Father, in Whose hand is the heart of all, to touch them, to show them mercy, and to give each of them another chance.

Do You Have Blood In Your Hands?
Apostle Paul once reminded believers, that we all, shall, through much tribulation, enter heaven. That is wisdom from above. He also declared, before the Ephesian elders, that he would appear before Christ without blood in his hands: because, according to him, he had not shunned to teach folks the whole counsel of God.

Look at your own very hands, examine them carefully: do you have men’s blood in your hands? Have you striven to teach folks the whole counsel of God? Consider this and apply your heart to true wisdom.

Believe And Be Delivered.
To him or her that has ears to hear let him or her hear what the everlasting Father is saying to the Church, and to all of His creation; at such a time as this!


May it be known to all, and let it also be established in the hearts of all, who name the name of our Lord Jesus Christ worldwide, that the weapons of our warfare as believers are not carnal and will never be.

The weapons of our warfare as believers in Christ are entirely spiritual, and must, at all times, and in all circumstances, remain spiritual; even as they are divinely ordained, even as they are written in Bible.

Receive it today into your hearts, if you can, that there is nothing as primitive and modern Christianity. There is only one Christianity: for Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose Body is His church, is the same yesterday, today and will forever remain the same.

Brethren of the Lord, the foundation of our belief as Christians, is laid on the Prophets, and further cemented by the Apostles - Jesus Christ anchoring as the Chief Cornerstone. And no other foundation must any man or woman lay than that which is already laid.

In the gospel of John, chapter 18, verse 36, Jesus made it very clear to whosoever, that His kingdom is not of this world. Even Prophet Isaiah, who prophesied in Isaiah chapter 9, verse 6, that the government shall be on the shoulders of Christ, was clearly referring to the spiritual government. He made this clarification in verse 7 thereof.

People of God, the kingdom of God, to which we belong as His children, is essentially a spiritual kingdom. It is a kingdom that enforces the plans and purposes of the God concerning His creation through the spirit.: for the spiritual is superior and will always determine the physical.

And when the Holy Ghost began to instruct those who wrote the Epistles, He was very clear about this matter. He continually emphasized that the kingdom of our God is not of this world: that though we that are redeemed are still in the world, that we are not of the same world.

The Holy Ghost also charged believers to come out from amongst them, from amongst the world, and be separate. He revealed that it is only when we are separated from the world, that God, even our Father, would assume rightful His role as our Father indeed and in truth.

The salvation that Christ wrought makes one a spirit man, and that also to operate essentially in the spirit. The will of God in His Christ is this: that though we that are saved be still in human flesh, that we should only war after the spirit.

The Holy Ghost, also ministering through Apostle Paul, in Ephesians chapter 6, from verse 10- 18, carefully listed the believer’s weapons of warfare. They are as follows: truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, (which is the word of God), prayer and supplication in the spirit. Nothing was left out, absolutely nothing. And nobody must add or remove from this list.

But, some may argue: why are our weapons as believers, different from the weapons of the people of God in the Old Testament? The answer is this: that they of the Old Testament were entirely flesh and blood and operated as such; but we of the New Testament are essentially spirit, and must also operate as such.

The current upsurge in “religious” radicalism, persecution and killing of Christians worldwide, are essentially spiritual matters, and can best be handled spiritually also. It is futile and hopeless to fight spiritual forces with carnal weapons. When we fight the forces of darkness carnally we only succeed in playing into the hands of satan.

They of the Old Testament relied on carnal weapons because they only battled against flesh and blood; but we of the New Testament church cannot afford that: for our battles are essentially against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. See Ephesians 6:12.

And if we must learn how to go about this spiritual battle, we must look up to the first Apostles of our Lord, who, in their days, applied these spiritual weapons effectually , and in so doing were able, through the Holy Ghost, ….”to subdue kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions. They, through the Eternal Spirit, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to fight the armies of the aliens.

The women amongst them received their dead raised to life again, and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance: that they might obtain a better resurrection: and others had trials of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover, of bonds and of imprisonments: they were stoned, they were sown asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wondered about in sheep skins and goatskins: being destitute, afflicted: (of whom the world was not worthy:), they wondered in desserts and in mountains, and in dens and in caves of the earth”. See Hebrews chapter 11.

Brethren, all they that were so described in that Hebrew text were all people of God, working in daily righteousness and holiness. They all passed through all those pain and terror, yet without complaining or murmuring. And for that, God, even our Father, was not ashamed to be called their God, even as they themselves were also not ashamed to be called His children.

And because of those wonderful souls, the message of the Cross survived, and we are all beneficiaries: of their tenacity and perseverance in the face of terror and utter cruelty.

You that profess that you are a Christian, are you ashamed to hand over your life to God? Do you consider it as a sign of weakness to depend on your Creator to avenge you when and how He considers it necessary to do so? Are you so desperate to show the world that just as satanic forces can shed human blood with impunity so also can Christians? What are you up to? Who sent you on that errand of revenge?

Brethren, know it this very day, that whosoever calls believers to arms of flesh, even in the name of God, does not have the mandate of God. He or she is on his or her own.

Whosoever encourages believers to take up arms and avenge themselves, have simply lost confidence in the ability of God to fight for His Own, to utterly deliver His Own. And such calls can only come from a heart that is filled with grief, anger, bitterness and hopelessness - none of which works the righteousness of God.

The weapons of our warfare as believers are not carnal and will never be carnal. Whenever we take up arms to defend ourselves God leaves us to it. Whenever we play politics, even with the word of God, He leaves us to finish what we started.

The perfect will of God is that by strength shall no one prevail.

Brethren, all that world refer to as other “religions” are mere manifestations of satan in his desperate attempt to inhibit the purpose of the Cross. And those in the body of Christ who also describe Christianity as one of such “religions” are ignorant of Who they believe.

Jesus Christ did not come to establish another religion. Rather, He came to save His Own creation unto His Father. For this same Jesus is the very image of the invisible God, the first Born of every creature. And by Him were all things created that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible: whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him and for Him”…Colossians 1:15-16.

Brethren, the spread of “other religions” worldwide at the expense of Christianity: that is, at the expense of God and godliness, is directly the result of the age-long and enduring carnal approach to spiritual warfare by believers.

We have all fallen short of the demands of spiritual warfare: we have all collapsed into ourselves, into our humanity, into the world and into its ways. Believers now largely rely on the arms of flesh to fight purely spiritual battles. And this is worldwide

People of God, the soul of every living is in the hands of our heavenly Father. And He is the only One Who can save a soul or cast it down to hell fire: He is that Lord of the harvest.

God is waiting for His people, called by the name of His only begotten Son, to stir Him to action: that He may intervene and deliver humanity from satan and satanic “religions”. He is anxiously waiting for believers worldwide to begin to diligently apply their spiritual weapons of warfare, that He may begin to take glory over all the works of His hands. And that is the reason for this message.

Brethren, we are the very Body of Christ. Whatever touches us touches Him also. We must not bring ourselves to even imagine that He does not see what we are pass through, or that He does not care. He sees it all and He cares, even more than we can ever think or imagine

Brethren, our God is not a man: His ways are not the ways of men. He was there when Stephen was stoned to death in the Bible: He was there when James was beheaded by King Herod. He is still there watching over us even as the forces of darkness trample upon us and upon all that we hold dear. Yet He cares, yes He does.

What is lost to most believers worldwide is this: that this gospel thrives in persecution: and that persecution is the highest gear in the vehicle that drives the true gospel.

I therefore call on all that truly profess Christ worldwide, to rise up to the challenges occasioned by the spread of the so-called “other religions” and of persecution of believers. For what we are witnessing is satan in desperate manovours to take as many souls as possible down with him when He eventually goes down.

We must resist satan, we must stop him; but not with bows, cudgels, arrows, guns or cutlasses: not even with politicking and propaganda, not even with social radicalism and activism. We can only check and stop satan and his works with our divinely ordained weapons of warfare. And whosoever is truly saved is endowed with all the weapons.

Brethren of the Lord, the world will never witness the melting power of God until those who profess Him begin to live even as He lives.

There is no doubt that our God can do all things. After all, wisdom and might are His. He can change times and seasons, He can remove kings and set up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to them that know understanding. He reveals the deep and secret things, He knows what is in the darkness and all light dwells with Him. See Daniel 2:20-21. You may as well add yours – the list is endless.

With our God ALL things are possible. Yet He desires that we always prompt Him to do things, to effect His plans and purpose on earth and in our individual lives. And we can only prompt Him through our spiritual weapons of warfare: for God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must do so also in the same spirit and in truth.
Let us meditate on these things and apply our hearts to true wisdom.
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